Combating Selfishness_ ICon Club @ PRPS





Step 1 Feel

Rushing in the canteen. Not sharing items Not practicing our school value - of share and care Not being caring towards riends, class mates and school mates.

Our school mates. Especially one of classmate , 'Adam'was very upset that someone did not share a pen with him.He is usually not forgetful and brings all his items.

Step 2 Imagine

However, that morning, he forgot his pencil case. He was frantic and asked his buddy for a pen. He was turned down. We observed this. "Adam' was so upset and frantic. He felt worried did not want to get scolding from anyone. We quickly rushed forward and lent him what he needed.We decided to work on how to ensure our class mates follow our school value of share and care. It was a small incident but this we felt could have dampen 'Adam' spirit and make him lose confidence. " A small gesture will go a long way" we felt.

Once this was done, we also felt we needed to look deeper into the issue. We decided to work our problem on a padlet so that the whole team can communicate and share their ideas at the same time. Please see the padlet for the discussion- We aslo decided to be environmental free and share teh book marks. Each peron decided to hold on to it for a week. We will then exchange with each other. Superb Idea!

Step 3 Do

We decided to make bookmarks to distribute to our classmates. The friend that we were helping was very touched when we took up his plight. The bookmarks were successful. Our classmates got the message that we should all be kind and polite to each other. The bookmarks that we made are - " Dont be selfish, Be polite, selfishness is NOT cool, sharing is caring. It was indeed a team effort that led to the whole class working together. AFter this none of our classmates experienced a moment like this. We were happy 10 year kids in the class. A small gesture like this will go a long way for kids.