One Step Forward

SMK Lubok Buntar



Nur Aishah


Nur Aishah binti Abdullah,

Nur Ain binti Mohd Tahir,

Anusha A/P Raman,

Nurazlina binti shahidan,

Nur Syahirah binti Huzairi,

Step 1 FEEL

-We do feel that students and community are lack of awareness in increasing of more students voice -Students are always put themselves down because of the certain reasons such as are because they are scared of being judged by the others students and teachers -We feel that there is only a number of initiatives that has been taken by school and community -We feel that students are being scared to give their own opinion and whether they are agree and disagree with what they think

Lack Of Awareness In increasing Students Voices and Confidence Level We has chosen this problem to work on it because we think that this is one of the biggest issue that most of the students been face it right now which is not being brave to share about their ideas and opinion. So,we want to take this opportunity to created a platform and safe space for them to start share and give more suggestions.As we all are learning together as a big family during the sharing session because we are working together and realising that it is everyone responsibility to help their friends to be brave and help them to speak up more.

The people that affected by the problem are teachers,students and community.This is because when students don't give a good respond and not really practise to use the critical thinking during their learning they will automatically affected their problems solving skills.So in this case,the future generations that is going to lead the future are lack of skill that can be use to really solve the real problem in the community and that will definitely affected the building of happy planet. And their primary concerns will automatically be on the students,because the students that we are having right now are going to be a change maker in the future,so if we don't really push and exposure them to the real problems solving and critical thinking that will definitely going to affected to our vision of happy school building a happy planet


-We imagine that students can also be able to share their own opinions and suggestions without being forced or scared of being judges -We imagine that students really use the values like courage and wisdom in their daily life -We imagine that students can use their critical thinking and creativity to find the solutions to solve the community problems -We imagine that there will be more initiatives that will be taken from school and community to increase more of the students voice

The solution that has been choosen by use to implement is taking more initiatives from community and school to increase more of the students voices We as a team has agreed to choose this solution to implement because want to take this opportunity to help more kids from this rural area to be brave to speak up,share about their ideas and opinions and being able to stand with their answers and opinions without scared of being judges by other peoples.Beside we also want to challanges ourselves,and prove to peoples that even kids from rural area can a be a leader to themselves to lead and help the community.We also believe that their is actually no gap between rural kids and city kids,beside education is the key to brings us together

Step 3DO

-We do created our project one step forward to guide and empower more students voices and actions to create a better school and surrounding -We do ask permission for us to continue making this project and make it sustainable -We help students to use FIDS model to created their own project such as are zero bully project -We also do organized the meeting to tell the teachers and parents about what we've been working towards -We do share our project with teachers and parents to tell about what their child are working on right now and to ask them for some feedback on what to improve and support from the themganised a meeting in everyweek to check and confirm and give updates with the students about their been working toward -We also do interviewing some students and parents to know about the problems that their group been analyzed and the improvement that they saw after their join and created the community project -We do share our project with the teachers and facilitators to get the feedback -Students do share about our projects One Step Forward and Zero Bully at the morning assembly

The result after students joining this programme are they are all become more brave to voice up their ideas and opinion without needing anyone to ask them to do so.They also has practise their skill like FIDS role model on solving the real community problems that we are having right now such as are bully and vandalism.Beside,they also become more independence,for examples are the students can be able to continue their project in school without needing the facilitators to push them behing to do something,this is because they already have the I Can mindset and they are being a leader to their ownselves and others.


1)Change does not come from other but it does come from you.Be your own leader to youself,then surely a great leader will lead to the great future 2)Change is not determined by the quantity of a person or thing, but it is determined by the quality produced

There is also a few challenges that we had been faced such as are students are not interested to join this kind of community project,students are not giving a good commitment to attend the class and created a community project and lack of teachers and parents support to make this project Fortunately,we did overcome all of this challenges.So firstly,most of the students are not interested to join this class because they are all don't like the school project.But we came up with the great ideas,so we as a team has decided to choose at least two representative from each class to attend only for a first meeting and during the meeting we has organised a lots of interesting activities based on FIDS learning and more.We also has separate them in the groups with the difference gender and ages,so during the group activities to will get to make more friends and help them to communicates more.So,after they representative that has attend the first meeting they will share the feedback after joining the first meetig with their other classmate and more of the students come to participate in our One Step Forward project.Secondly,students are not giving a good commitment in attending the to class and doing their community project.So we as team has really analysed the reason of why they don't really give a good commitment,and we all found that most of the students don't really catchup with the previous class learning,so as a solution we has do a separate meeting with the students to teach and explain to them with more detail on how to use really use FIDS role model to created a good and sustainable project in school and outside of the school.Lastly,lack of awareness from teachers and parents.So as a solution we as team has discuss together with the students to gather their parent with them to tell the parents about what their kids are work on right now and tell them that we really need a parents to help us by giving their kids some advices and moral support.And for the teachers we also has done a separate meeting with all the teachers includes our principal to tell them and let them inform with our project,beside we are also asking for feedback ans suggestions on what to improve and add on.


Partnership for the goals

I think that this project is actually focusing on creating a good partnership between teachers,students and community.And at the same time,our project also has prove that there should be no gap between teachers,students and community because we believe that everyone deserved to voice up their ideas and opinion because a better future are all depends on us and our voices

Step 4 SHARE

--We also do share our project with teachers and parents to tell about what their child are working on right now and to ask them for some feedback on what to improve and support from the them --We do created One Step Forward social media account to updates about our latest activities with the community Their response was really good.And more of the teachers and parents are supporting us in doing this projects and want us to make more project in future that can includes more of the biggers community like teachers and parents

More than 100

Firstly,we wil still going to continue having a meeting everyweek with the students to get the update and feedback even though there is no facilitators or teachers around because all of them are leader to themselves.Secondly,this students project like Zero Bully will still be continuing without being push by any teachers or facilitators because all the participants from the group are being the leader in thier own project.Lastly,the students project are actually helping other students to voice up,so there will be more students that are going to being more brave and take another step forward to created their own opportunity like organising a campaign and talk whether on school and outside of the school