One Step Forward

SMK Lubok Buntar



Soonufat Supramaniam


Nur Aishah Binti Abdullah,

Nur Ain Binti Muhammad Tahir,

Nur Azlina binti Shahidan,

Anusha Raman,

Nurul Syahirah binti Muhammad Hudzir,

Step 1 FEEL

1. Students are shy and scared to share their opinions and ideas because they are scared of being judged. 2. Students are complaining a lot and not working to make the school a better place. 3. Students do not give a good commitment to do any community project. 4. Students do not have a safe platform to share their ideas freely.

The problem is students are not having a safe platform to voice up their opinions and they are not taking actions to make the school a better place. We feel that it is important that we take actions to guide other students to make the school a better place rather than complaining and not doing anything about it.

Students- They have issues that they do not want to share. They dont feel belong to the school community and their voices are not heard in any of the decisions in school that affects the students. Teachers- Teachers are so busy and doing work all the time. Instead, we can work with students to design leadership projects and teach students to make the school better together.


1. We imagine that students are able to share about their ideas and opinions without being scared of being judged. 2. We imagine that students can work together even though they are from different classes and of different ages. 3. We imagine that students have the right, safe and comfortable platform to voice up their opinions.

We created a safe, comfortable and guided platform with student mentors to help students to voice up their own opinions ideas and suggestions to make the school a better place. By using the same FIDS model, we guided students from different classes and of different ages to work on students leadership projects.

Step 3DO

- We started with announcing the project and think of different ways to attract new students. - We gathered at least once a week to increase more students' voices, and to highlight the importance of equal rights between students and teachers. - We created a safe space for students to share about their ideas and opinions. - Students worked together to create community projects using FIDS Model.

Two very successful community project called "Zero Bullying" and "Vandalism in School" have been created. Students are using English language to communicate and they have carried out quizzes, poster drawing competitions and many more to make the school a better place.


"I learnt many things like how to communicate in English and FIDS model helped me to do community project. I become a better person and I challenged myself more to do community project to make the school a better place." Nawar "I am always excited to answer the questions in the sessions in One Step Forward. For example, when the student mentors are doing some quizzes on the project." Syakir

Challenge 1: Students do not give good commitment in doing community projects. Solution 1: We always ask the students to get together and we motivate them. We give personal advice and opinions about how to make their projects better. Challenge 2: We do not have a place to work with students because security guard does not allow us to be in the room without teacher. Solution 2: We get permission from the teacher to use the room. When we cannot use the classroom, we meet at another place like school canteen and outside of classroom at the field.


Quality Education

We believe that quality education is about increasing students' voices and help students to become the student leaders themselves. We wait for no one and we will want to be the change that we want to see.

Step 4 SHARE

1. We shared our project updates on social media. 2. We went to every single class to promote our project and let everyone knows about One Step Forward. We shared this with all the students in our school. 3. We also shared our project with teachers and students during a National Teacher's Day Celebration at Spice Arena, Penang to show how students can improve their confidence, bravery, to work together to make the school a better place.

More than 100

We will continue the project and create more students leadership project to make the school a better place. We are also entering other competitions like Students Doing Good (Aligned with Sustainable Development Global Goals) Competition.