Singing To The Lions

sekolah menengah kebangsaan lubok buntar



Soonufat Supramaniam


Nur Aishah binti Abdullah ,

Anusha a/p Raman,

Nur Ain binti Mohd Tahir ,

Nurazlina Binti Shahidan,

Nurul Syahirah Binti Mohd Hudzir,

Step 1 FEEL

We feel that these bully cases are really bad which can give a negative impact to our future generation and also for the normal students to have the confidence to speak up and share the opinion with judging issue.

Bully also have many types such as are cyber bully, physical bully, verbal bully and sexual harassment. There are actually many reasons of why the bully, bully people such as are lack of love, just for fun, jealousy and etc.

This bully thing has given a huge impact especially to the future generation such as are they didn't have enough confidence to speak up and challenge themselves in order to avoid this bully cases from extending. We think that the government should take an action to increase more voices from students and normal people and also to encourage more of the students project.


We imagine that our school can be place to educate the good students by listening and using the students ideas like having the civic class for all the students includes the Muslims students. We can add more of the art class like a theater class, singing class, camp and etc, so that the students can learn in a creative way about the bully cases We think this is a serious and a big problem to be solve..

art class like a theater class, singing class and camp because we think that it is more interesting for the student to learn in a creative ways.

Step 3DO

So we the students decided to run a two camps which is about bullying we have combine with 5 different rural schools. The teacher are also run a theatrical performance on bullying and ask the students to take part of the performance or production team

In order to let people know about our project we have done 6 shows to show to 720 people about this different types of bully cases and how to avoid it from extending.

720 people From six shows, 100 parents, 150 students in school

"Very impressive well done performances. I was impressed with the English and the confidence of the students. The expressive and go all out perform with passion that made me almost tears on some of the act." Dear Cast, Crew & Creators of “Singing to the Lions” (GTF 2018), your courage and tenacity, spunk and charisma, and simply put, sheer gutsiness in taking on the challenge of putting on this play during GTF this year is nothing short of breathtaking and remarkable. I am in awe of each and everyone of you and am heartened to see such brave young souls and minds rising up and showing all the rest of us, “How it’s done!” And how a little bit of courage and hard work can get you anywhere that you could possibly want to go. I wish you all more opportunities such as this to create and partake in the arts and hope that you will continue to inspire everyone with your hard work and amazing spirit. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable GTF 2018! Sincerely, Allen Tan.

The challenges we face are lack of cooperate with the student,school and government and also lack of opportunity and exposure for rural area.


Quality Education

We think that it's not fair for the students to only get a good academic achievement but they don't get the right exposure and opportunity about the bully cases.

Step 4 SHARE

We share our videos at social media such as posting our trailer video and pictures about the process. We also do share our performance to the other 720 Audience through our 6 shows about how dangerous this bully can be and how to avoid the bully cases. The audience had share a lot of positive comments and area of improvement for us to work on.

More than 100

We do share some tips to guide them to avoid this bully to happen to them and also to the others family members and how to be confident to stand up for their onself