Learning from the Elders

Vilnius Waldorf School



Antanas Jonusas








Step 1 FEEL

Pollution, alcohol, bullying, lack of parking spaces, lonely seniors, drugs, discrimination, racism, bribery, corruption, climate change, poor air conditioning at school.

Lonely seniors. We feel and hear that there are a lot of lonely seniors in Lithuania. A lot of young Lithuanians are leaving country, but seniors are staying here without their families. Some of them live alone, some of them - in senior houses.

Seniors. Their main concerns are loneliness, lack of money, social indifference and simply not having enough activities to participate in.

Step 2 Imagine

Visiting the elders in their homes, making gifts, preparing presents for them, joining Caritas for volunteering, visiting seniors houses, talking to them, taking interviews, learning from them, teaching what we are learning at school.

We decided to visit a seniors' house and celebrate the independence of Lithuania together. We felt that our attention and time spent together would cheer the seniors up. We also decided to link our activity with a historic date and help the senior feel important by hearing their stories out.

Step 3DO

We gathered information about senior's houses in and around Vilnius. We decided to visit a place called "Senjorų socialinės globos namai". We prepared four our activities: singing, weaving, taking interviews. We also backed a homemade pie for the seniors. And then we visited the place and spent a few hour with the elders.

The seniors were very enthusiastic about our visit. They sang along Lithuanian patriotic songs, were weaving together, sharing their life stories.


The seniors said that they admire young people visiting them. They were very thankful for our pie, weaving activity. The seniors were very happy to share their stories and experiences, gave us a lot of life advice.

It was difficult to find a senior's house willing to invite us. But we got help from one of teachers at school, who had experience with elders' houses. Then it was even more difficult to find a suitable time for the visit. We had to rearrange the date a few times. It was challenging to prepare a plan for our visit. We were not sure what kind of activities would be suitable and appreciated by the elders. And in the end we were very shy to make first contact with the elders. But we tried to be openhearted and after a touch beginning the atmosphere became warmer and we really enjoyed each others.

0-7 Days

Good health and well being

We believe that we made the seniors feel better, appreciated, taken care of. They were very happy to share their stories and to feel that thy have valuable experience to share with the youth. If the cooperation between the seniors and the youth would be stronger and more consistent, we believe that the elders in Lithuania would no longer be and feel so lonely.

Step 4 SHARE

We shared our project orally in students' classes (classes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11). We also told about our project in the teachers conference. We got a lot of positive comments, teachers encouraged us to sustain our partnership with the seniors' house.

More than 100

The students' parliament will talk about a possible cooperation with the seniors' house that we visited. We have ideas like regular visits to the elders' house, volunteering activities or some other way to keep in touch with the elders. We also think that we should visit elders who are living alone in the school's neighborhood.