Car Tire Pollution

Acacia Green Academy

Nairobi city county


Peter Njiri


Grace Mitchelle Monjero,

Angela Murugi,

Roy Michael,

Juliet Aluoch,

Jean Wangethi,

Bridgit Chepchumba,

Trevian Baraka,

Step 1 FEEL

Air Pollution Food Waste Waste Management

Waste Management and Air Pollution This is because the two challenges are the ones mostly affecting the community around. We found out about this after doing an interview with the people affected. Most of the people around the community dispose worn out tires through burning.

The students and the community at large

Step 2 Imagine

Reusing the worn out tires Producing art works Creating Awareness Developing a school garden

Reusing worn out tires and making tables with them. This solution was the best that could have brought about a quick and long lasting solution to the challenges we were addressing.

Step 3DO

Firstly we collected old tires and also received some that were donated by the community. Then we took them to a workshop where we cleaned them and dried them. With the help of the workers of the workshop, we were able to paint the tires, fix the stand and also attach the glass top. Later we took the finished table to school and placed it at the head teachers office so that when parents come visiting they would be able to see our work.

The teachers were so happy of the work we did. Plus the community also were happy about our work and most of them learnt that worn out tires can be reused other than burning as a way of disposal.


They were very happy with our work. "...It's really great to see how children can bring about change to some of the prolonged challenges that we face..." " bringing about change, its most important to include those affected as part of the panels bringing about change, seeing how they 'children' can easily drive change."

The challenge encountered was during the interviewing process. We were assisted by the school administration with doing the interviews.

15-30 Days

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our story was mostly about innovation and we are also planning on scaling it up and come up with a center where we can engage other students on innovative ways of working towards achieving the SDG's

Step 4 SHARE

We shared our project with fellow students at the during the assembly day and lso the teachers. We also shared it with the parents when they come visiting our school.

More than 100

To sustain the impact, we placed one of the tables at the head teachers office. We also plan to visit local government offices and seek their help in scaling up our project. Plus we plan to visit neighboring schools and sharing our impact and more about how they can incorporate DFC in their school.