Eco Cool – Eco Friendly Solar Powered Air Cooler

Navrachana School Sama



Kashmira Jaiswal


Mahaksh Sharma,

Ruchir Patel,

Ayan Shaikh,

Arush Koul,

Hitarth Gandhi,

Step 1 FEEL

1. Heat • The security guards sitting in their cabins in this rising heat ensuring that we are secured. 2. Pollution • Vehicles and industries producing smoke. • Water pollution caused by human beings. 3. Electricity • The poor and needy people living in slums which are covered in darkness and having no supply of electricity.

The problem chosen to work is heat because we thought that this is necessary to be prevented for the security guards sitting in the heat.

Security guards were affected by this problem. Their primary concerns were the usage of insolation, the usage of clean energy and the need for air conditioners.


• An air conditioner • Ventilator • Solar empowered air cooler • Water dispenser • Multiple electric fans.

The solution that we chose to implement was a solar empowered air cooler as it was the best way to conserve electricity and it will emit no chlorofluorocarbon.

Step 3DO

After getting our mind struck with the idea of making a solar powered air cooler. We first made a prototype of a thermocol box then we decided the parts to be divided inside the box and then we cut the thermocol accordingly to the parts. Instead of making a new box out of the ideas of the prototype model we collected pieces of wood and then stuck the six faces of the thermocol box. After getting our real box ready we instantly decided to use lightweight 6v fans. After optimizing the result of the light fans and its low power of air velocity, we went to the market to browse for effective fans we luckily found out fans directly connected with a solar panel. We then attached the fans and the switch to the box and found satisfactory improvement in air velocity.

• It produced a good amount of air. • It proved to be energy efficient, was light in weight and portable.

• 20-50

The guards told us that they were relieved from the scorching heat and were also facing less problems regarding global warming and heat.

The challenges that we encountered while implementing our project were: • The thermocol that we used as the interior of the solar air cooler proved to be inefficient and it was also not eco –friendly. • We got the information that the thermocol would become moist when exposed to water and air. • The power of the fans also proved to be disappointing as it needed to provide much more cool and faster air than it did at that point. • We also needed a provision of ice since for the security guards it was difficult to find a way of getting the ice required for the air cooler. The overcomes that we brought in the project were: • We replaced the non-eco- friendly thermocol with long plait like chains and we stacked them simultaneously in a serpentine method. • We used a honeycomb cooling pad and placed a pen above it with equilateral holes so that the water droplets can keep the honeycomb cool.

7-15 Days

Affordable and Clean energy

• We do think so that global goal is associated to our project as it faces heat problem related to our project.

Step 4 SHARE

We shared the project by the means of mass communication basically assemblies. We presented our project to our class mates, the other 7th standard students along with the teachers mainly teaching science, even with the NavPrerna students and most importantly with the security guards for whom we had made our project. The responses we got by our classmates were very satisfactory they were keenly impressed with the project and some of them also wanted to know how we made it! The security guards were very happy with our feelings towards them, they blessed us and told that the cooler was working efficiently.

More than 100

• To sustain the impact of our project we will spread awareness, we will try to improve our project and make it more powerful. Also, we will try to increase the number of our production and will try to bring it on a large scale which would be very beneficial for the poor.