Green Guerrillas of Vidya International School make Green Grenades




Sagar Wagh


Satyajeet Andhale,

Yash Darade ,

Yash Shinde,

Toshal Kumawat,

Sidhhi Nikam,

Chaitali Sadgir,

Step 1 FEEL

Decrease in rain fall leading to scarcity of water, increase in temperature every year. Low amount of Tree cover leading to increase in pollution.

We decided to work towards addressing the problem of climate change since this would in turn help resolve other problems like scarcity of water and decrease in agriculture production.

All the citizens of the city are being affected by these problems. Some of the primary concerns were as follows: Increase in temperature leads to extreme discomfort and heat related health issues. Scarcity of water causes decrease in availability of drinking water during the summer season as well as reduces supply of water to the farming community of the region. Farming is a major occupation in our region and the income of the farming community depend largely on the agriculture produce.


1) Planting trees 2) Making saplings, nurturing them and then planting 3) Planting seeds 4) Making seed balls

The solution chosen was making of seed ball, tree plantation requires a large number of saplings and the cost of getting these sapling from nursery is very high. 2) We could have made our own saplings at a lower cost by using natural materials but again the cost would have been substantial. Another problem with planting saplings is that while transferring them from nursery bag to the ground, the soil environment for the plant changes because of which the survival rate is only around 60% the easiest and cheapest solution is to procure and scatter seeds but seeds when in natural surroundings are eaten by Birds and insects or get destroyed because of climatic conditions hence the best way would be to coat the seeds with the protective cover of soil and manure, this ensures that they are not eaten away by insects and once the climatic conditions are appropriate these seeds germinate. Since these seeds germinate and grow in the same environment, the survival rate increases up to 90%. Also, the cost of making seed balls is low as compared to buying or preparing saplings and the preparation process is simple, fast and easy to replicate. Hence we decided that making seed balls would be the best solution to mitigate our problem.

Step 3DO

Our core team of students contacted environmentalist and expert of our region to understand the concept and procedure of making seed balls the members of GIVE foundation Mr. Ramesh Iyyer, Mrs, Monal Naik as well as Ms. Hemlata Tolani helped us understand the process. The students collected the soil from the school ground and manure from local farmers. The seeds were collected by the students during the summers. Some of the seeds were procured from the forest office completely free of charge. To preserve the environment, only seeds of large trees that are native to the region and are good for the environment, were used. Thus the entire material was procured at practically no cost.The students in turn, trained other students as well as the teaching and non teaching staff of the school. These Green Guerrillas of the school, from class I to class X got together and made 50,000 seed balls(one for each community member). A mixture of soil and cow dung was made, small balls were made out of the mixture, with seeds inserted inside the balls. These Green Grenades were dried and then dispersed on barren land, forest area near the city, School ground and borders of the farmland in the region. This project was further shared with the community to increase the awareness and encourage the community members to replicate it in large numbers.

A large amount of awareness was created in the community as a result of this project. The school students, staff and parents as well as other members of the community realized that a lot can be done by them towards addressing climate change and it is a joint responsibility of community members.


The work of students is highly appreciated by all community members The forest officer of the area Mr. Bhandari said that " I have not seen this type of unique project being taken up by any school. After I spoke to the students, it was very clear that they have understood the issue of climate change and have given a careful thought on how to address this problem in the region. The students have prepared 50,000 seed balls in the school and also have conducted presentations in other schools, performed street plays and even recorded a song to spread awareness in the community which is very commendable". The president of GIVE foundation Mr. Ramesh Iyyer said that," We are happy to see the wonderful work being done by the students of Vidya International School alongside their staff and management who are supportive." He also expressed his feelings in poetic way " Seed Bombs are Greenery, will improve our scenery, spreading this awareness, will remove our barenness, with the activities of nature, the students have become mature."

The first challenge was getting the information on correct material and procedure to be used. Fortunately, we found experts of an NGO, GIVE foundation, in the city nearby who could guide us. Another challenge was to collect the large amount of seeds required. All the stakeholders contributed by collecting seeds.We also approached the forest office of the area and they too supported our cause by providing large amount of seeds. The manure required was contributed by local farmers who were supportive of our cause. 50,000 seed balls are not enough to mitigate the issue hence to get other members of the community involved, we carried out a campaign and awareness campaign by using presentations, workshops, street plays and social media.

15-30 Days

Climate Change

Climate change leading to Global warming is a Global issue today which is being faced by communities around the world. Global warming has resulted in anomalies in weather like increase in overall temperatures, melting of ice caps, cyclone, storms, droughts as well as floods, destruction of biodiversity and many other related issues. As Global citizens we should all jointly work to mitigate these issues.

Step 4 SHARE

The students wanted to do this activity as an example to show that every member of the community can play their role in environment conservation and the solution was simple and affordable for everyone. The first step was that the core team presented their idea to the entire school of around 600 and well as parents of the school. To further spread the awareness, The students visited other schools in the area and conducted presentations and workshops for the students and staff. They performed street plays in the crowded areas of the city like the market place and also recorded a rap song which was uploaded on YouTube and shared on social media like Whats app and Facebook. The students also developed an app which was uploaded on google play which shows the importance of seed balls, the process of making and dispersing them. The news of this endeavor was covered in National and Local newspapers. The TV channel Doordarshan has recorded the project and will be transmitting the program in a few weeks time. This will raise further awareness in the community as a whole.

More than 100

We plan to continue making thousands of seed balls . We also would be continuing with our presentations and street play during the upcoming festival festivals