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Step 1 FEEL

We faced lot of problems in our school like, infrastructure, lack of play ground, no proper rooms for computers, no place for library ,In sufficient class rooms, women education, irregular students, no assembly hall, drunkards problem.

We selected to choose a room for library and computer as it is the basic need to enrich our knowledge as students.

All our school children were affected by this problem .Need for a spacious and free computer room and library without any disturbance.


We first decided to build a separate shelf for keeping the three computer. We decided to keep the library in anyone of the classroom. We decided to keep computers one in each classroom. We decided to renovate our HM'S room. Buy a closed computer rack Bureau for library books. We decided to use an unused room to execute our idea.

At last we decided to choose to renovate the unused room because the room is located behind the HM's room and nobody can open any thing unknowingly. And more over it is a separate room located peacefully at the corner of the school. For both library and computer silence is of almost important.

Step 3DO

For this process first we told our ideas to our guide teacher. She felt very happy and explainefd the idea to our HM and we got permission to do the project. We told about our budget but she told to start our project with the prize money of DFC as our source. Then for extra money she gave assurance of sponcering us . Then we cleaned the room ,divided into two halves, painted, drew colourful pictures on our theme.we collected the unused desk and benches in other rooms and arrange our room. With the help of our teacher we designed banners regarding computers and DFC and decorated the classroom. Our old students supported us from the beginning of our project. So we called our old student to inaugurate our room. We also created a new book for library that is the record for library books. And we designed a new stamp design to print for the books donated. We also did workshops to create their own library books . We also appointed librarians and assistant librarians for each classes to guide children in order to avoid confusion.

After seeing our Project and NGO ASHA TRUST supported us with computer teacher weekly two days and donated us some of our children need. They also promised to do the needful as soon as possible. This is the greatest impact of our project.

All our 146 students .

One children from class 3 said we are very happy to have an attractive computer cum library room. The pictures drawn are attractive and very cute said by a fifth std student.

Money and designing the room was the main challenge but with the help and support of the guide teacher we overcame the task.

15-30 Days

Quality Education

We think so because both library and computer is the very essential need to the children to enrich their knowledge both in developing reading habits andtechnology .Great Men are born and moulded in library .

Step 4 SHARE

We shared ourproject by explaining our project in general assembly. Asking them to visit the renovated room. Explaining our project with in SMC meeting To the public . An NGO ASHA TRUST Every body felt very happy and said that the changes made is extraordinary and That the public promised to admit there children in this school. And as an immediate response ASHA trust supported us with computer teacher for two daysn a week. This is the greatest impact and support for our project.

More than 100

We would renovate all other rooms colourfully. We wouldgive quality education to the children. We would check or keep guiding the uncharged of the library to monitor children