USF_A'bad_Stay Positive

USF Aurangabad



Siddharth Ingale

Step 1 FEEL

1. Laziness in daily work 2. Being at home for long time 3. Stressful and Fearful Environment 4. Woman in house needs to do all work 5. Financial Problems

Stressful and fearful environment; because everyone seems to be scared due to COVID-19 and lock down. We including our family members were sinking into stress, so we thought we better should take the chance to uplift our spirits

We and our family members. Always worrying about the lockdown and pandemic and its lasting impacts on our lives.

Step 2 Imagine

1. Giving hand to mother in kitchen 2. Learning Craft 3. Exercise for physical fitness and yoga and meditation for mental peace

We decided to apply all of the listed ideas. So that we all will be engaged and would be able to take care of our health as well

Step 3DO

We started to Help our mother in cooking and other home chores. Also, elder members of family taught us crafts that became a very good fun to learn. Scheduled Yoga sessions for all family members and demonstrated them the exercises.

Lighthearted atmosphere in home. Everyone in family feels positive


Parents are really happy that we are using this time to engage ourselves in work and trying to help them and learning new things.

Everyone was feeling so lousy due to lockdown. But we insisted them to slide their lazy, anxious mindset and turn it into positive and active state.

0-7 Days

Good health and well being

Our idea focus on mental strength as well as physical fitness of family members.

Step 4 SHARE

We Shared the idea with our friends and posted it on social media to reach out to others.


We all keeping this as a part of our daily routine and looking forward to continue it after lock down as well.