we stand against illegal liquor

Satya Bharti school

Uttar Pradesh


Krishan mohan Mishra-


Anamika,Kirti,Palak,Akshay Raj,Kanhaiya shobhit,Neetu,sumiran,,


Step 1 FEEL

Our students are always very sensitive towards surrounding and society.They have noticed many problems in their society i.e. use of polythene ,need of zebra crossing,and illegal liquor which was damaging families, creating problems for women and a great barrier between students and their study.

Our students saw that people who were daily wage earner hawker and from slum colonies were spending their huge amount on having illegal liquor. students observed that they are lying besides road side and besides the gutter,abusing generally. one morning during morning assembly a student presented news entitled " KURRIAN KALAN ME KUTEER UDYOG BAN CHUKA HAI KACHCHI SHARAB KA DHANDHA". It inspired students to take action against it. One more incident was that Sanjeev kumar student of class 3rd has lost his father due to illegal liquor. He told to the students,"My father was a liquor addict. one evening he came to home having illegal wine i.e (kachchi sharab) and became very serious and get fainted. Doctor came and he declaired him dead due to heavy dose of poisonous wine.It made a great effect on them.

People who have very low economic status were effected by this problem.Because they have spent a huge amount of their daily earnings on illegal wine. On coming back to their home they were started abusing and created domestic violence at their homes. they do nothing for their families. women and their children suffers a lot by this problem. Due to this the schooling and study of the children were being affected. they can not able to attend the class daily due to family work. It was effecting their educational and social life. So the primary concern of the student is to get rid of people from this social monster.


There is a DFC room i.e. "Think lab" in our school. Dfc team of our school gathered there, and they have started planing. They have decided that first of all they will prepare some poster, slogans ,hand bills,flacks and banners based on illegal liquor.after they will organized a rally in the village for awareness. we will contact to the Sarpanch for his support to our program. After that they will go to the police station with a application which is signed by dfc team. Application will be given to sub inspector in the presence of media persons. we will request to him to take action against the people involve in this profession. if they will not take an action then we demonstrate (strike) against police station.

Student decided that they will fallow the above mentioned plan. they will came up with the idea of door to door contact. they have decided that rally is the most important weapon by which we can insist police and people of society.They also decided that they will strike, demonstrate like (Anna Hazare). They will go to the other schools of the village to aware the students. they will also prepare some name plates of (Nasha Mukt Pariwar) and paste on the gate to the family which is liquor free.

Step 3DO

Now our dfc team is ready with their solutions.first of all they organizes a rally.they started a rally from their school to the village with taking the posters and slogans in their hand. They contacted to some community members during the rally for their feedback about illegal liquor.Most of the villagers praised their efforts and they have also decided we should go to the police for our help.During the convincing in the village a community member Mr. Jaipal said,"illegal liquor is corrupting our society as well as culture.It is the ugliest patch on our society, and effort made by children is going to change the picture of the village. After that students have prepared an application referencing to the police choki in charge and student moved to the police choki with the number of villagers and news reporters, and started demonstrating with saying slogan aloud."BAND KARO BHAI BAND KARO, KACHCHI DAARU BAND KARO" On seeing a huge crowd sub inspector came out and promised that he will take an action against the people involve in this occupation. One fresh morning sub inspector called Mr. krishan mohan to raid in the suspects in a slum locality. Mr. krishan mohan reached to the location with students.During the operation a police team of five constable with sub inspector raid in the colony. During the operation forty to forty five houses and huts were checked. One person caught red handed with many Ltr wine. Police took him with them to the jail under sec( 60- B) Many people who were involve in this occupation has ran away to gave up their tools and wine. Sub inspector praised children for their courage and bravery.

The result of the program is very good in the village. Women of working class are very happy. It is said by the people that student creates a miracle . They had done the mission impossible.People who have gave up this occupation has joined( MNREGA) IN THE VILLAGE PANCHAYAT, and they are earning their bread and butter.Now people are scared to do wrong thing before children.They have proved that they can do nay thin like a superhero.


People are amazed they are not ready to believe that student of very young age make a such change in the society.Mr. Avnish Miahra says "The impact of the program is very deep. People are afraid to do wrong in front of student." Mr. Uma Raman MIshra says"They are real super heroes.It was not only a rally or campaign but it is a movement which changed the mindset of the villagers."

Indeed we started our project for the shake of society.But soon some people of politics started creating hindrances to us. They were not want that illegal liquor would be stop in the village.Many time they insisted us to stop campaign otherwise you can be sent jail in the act of SCST.Parent of some students come to me and says that not to involve their children.But children explains to them we are doing a good job police administration is with us.Mr. Amit kumar awasthi and Mr. Veer Pratp sing from NGO Srijan welfare society helped us to overcome the challaenges.


Good health and well being

Because people of village destroying their health and wealth by consuming and drinking illegal liquor. AS you all know KACHCHI SHARAB is highly poisonous. Aristotle said," sound body creates a sound mind" WE think if people became healthy they will think of about family. they will take care of their children. If someone is healthy then he or she can think positively, and can help others to make a healthy and great nation.

Step 4 SHARE

Students come up with the idea of share through whats app Facebook.It was mentors responsibility to upload daily activity on social websites. Students have also decided to aware students from others schools. They also prepared some name plates having title "NASHA MUKT PARIWAR" student paisted the plat on those houses who have gave up drinking. village community hepled us all the time and respond well.we have also go through news paper.DFC team organized a meeting with mother parents at school. Overall response from the village and society are very well and good. Sub inspector and Sarpanch promised to our student that they are all stand with them.

More than 100

To sustain the impact of our project lifelong student talked to the sarpanch and requested to him that people who have gave up the making illegal liquor would be provided the work in MNREGA and other project run by gram panchayat. Now people of the village are very aware about the harm of the liquor.they understand the fact that if they remain healthy they can enjoy life with their family. Sarpanch promised them to help like ration, kerocin, and other help. Finlay students of the village became aware so they can stop others to do so.