Helping Hand for Handicap Child




Sunita Rani


Manpreet Singh,

Simrdeep Kaur,

Roshandeep Singh,

Navjot Singh,


Pardeep Kaur,

Step 1 FEEL

We are facing some problems whose are listed below. 1. No proper pathway for students in rainy season. 2. Rain water collect in the path way. 3. Handicap students face problems due to their physically weakness.

We decided to choose the problem that our two classmates were facing. Both of them were physically challenged and belong to poor families. So we decided to help them so that they can walk without any help and do their favourite activities at school and home. It will give them confidence and happiness .

Our two students of 5th class Jashandeep Kaur and Manveer Singh were facing problem in simple walking but due to their diseases they were enable to walk properly without any help. Jashanpreet Kaur is effected by In-toeing disease by birth but her parents were poor and enable to give her medical treatment. Manveer Singh was effected by Cere bralpalasy with Para paresis from birth. But his parents were also poor and enable to give him treatment.


1. Wheel Chair for both students. 2. Orthopaedic Quadripod walking stick for handicap child. 3.Crutch for both students. 4.Orthopedic Shoes. 5. Consult with Doctor

Firstly we decided to consult with doctor for both students diseases. The doctor advised Jashanpreet Kaur for Surgery of foot and Manveer Singh was suggested of Orthopaedic Quadripod walking stick. So for this purpose we decided to meet community members for donation of walking stick for Manveer Singh. Jashanpreet's surgery will be done in Civil Hospital without any charges after three months with help of community members.

Step 3DO

We met with our Head Teacher and teachers for solution and met with the nearest Orthopaedic Doctor in the Hospital. The examined both students deeply and did some tests for treatment.He came up with a solution that Jashanpreet Kaur's foot surgery will be done with high charges. Manveer Singh was suggested of Orthopaedic walking stick. So the charges of their treatment was high and the parents of both students were enable to give charges. So we decided to meet some community members for donation of charges. Mr. Hardeep Singh and Mr. Davinder Singh met the Civil Hospital orthopaedic doctor for Jashanpreet surgery without any charges after three months. Both of the community members donated walking stick to Manveer Singh.

Now Jashanpreet Kaur is under medical treatment for three month and then her surgery will be done in Civil Hospital, Manveer Singh is walking properly with walking stick and he is very happy. He is doing his routine work without any help. Both of students are very happy and enjoying their lives.


Jashanpreet Kaur : My surgery will be done after three month's treatment. Me and my parents are very happy with my treatment and i will walk properly. Manveer singh : I am using walking stick and doing all my routine works without anyone's help. Now i am very confident and happy.

1. The surgery charges of jashanpreet was high and parents of Jashanpreet was poor and enable to give her costly medical treatment. 2. The cost of Orthopaedic walking stick was also high and his parents were poor. So for the best solution we did a meeting of our students and met with some community members for donation . Two members helped Jashanpreet and Manveer for their treatment.


Good health and well being

We belief that everyone should enjoy his / her life without any problems. As we observe that our two classmates are not feeling well in walking due to their disease and facing problem in doing their routine work. So we thought to help them to feel happy and confident.

Step 4 SHARE

First of all we spread awareness in our school and in students for help the needy. Then we gave a message to community to help people in need. Community people were very happy to see school students are doing this great work to help the people and helping people. They promised to help handicap people.


We will observe regularly both students and ensure that Manveer is using sticks and Jashanpreet is doing physical exercises. We will do a survey in home village for identification of handicap people and observe their problems and try to help them with medical facilities and with some physical exercises for their better physical condition.