Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas

Satya Bharti School Kharenta

Uttar Pradesh


Mahfooz Khan







Sahil Khan,



Mohd Shariq,


Step 1 FEEL

There were so many problem in school surrounding like un employment,robbery,atticates etc.but problem that bothered our students is no shelter for his caretaker. that is why our students choose this topic to work on it.

There was a small problem in school campus like school care taker who work hard for students security and safety he has no sitting place in school campus. in every season he stand at the gate for safety reason of students.

Care taker Ram kishore who is working for school since last 7 years but still he has no sitting place in school.his duty is very hard every time he stand at the gate punctually. His readiness make the school environment safe and secure.


So many solution discussed by the students like we can provide the umbrella to him or providing chair to him etc.

but above mention solution is not a permanent solution for him so they decided that they all will make a hut for him. it will safe him from all the season.

Step 3DO

First of all students called a meeting and give responsibility to each students that what they will bring to make a hut.They also decided that will take help from community to collect material.after collecting the material they started to making hut with the help of care taker and teachers of school.

Now care taker is sitting in hut and he is safe from all seasons. Through this programme all students of school learnt that how can we help to others. our students also got success to give the message to our community that how can we help to needy person.


as attested in DFC video,

In this project our students face so many problems to complete their task like collection of material is a big concern because no parents as well as community didn't want to give material as free of cast. after so many requested they are ready to give material for hut.

7-15 Days

Reduced inequalities

because effort of our students they bring equality in school because before this no one think about him. Everybody thought that this is his job he has no right to sit.but after the act of our students the respect of care taker increased.

Step 4 SHARE

in every PTM project will be share to parents and other community members. all the work will be share in children day function and other school function as held in school.

More than 100

after this students will not stop to give permanent shelter to him now they will request to school management to provide peramanent shelter to him.