EK chota sa JUGAAD!

Mothers Pet Kindergarten Wardha Road



Jayanti Deshpande










Step 1 FEEL

1. Noise pollution because of construction work of METRO RAIL near the school premises 2. Falling of bags from their chairs 3. Tumbling down of their erasers while writing.

1. Tumbling down of erasers:- because it was bothering them a lot while writing. It was a time consuming task , getting up and looking for their erasers, as a result they were unable to finish their writing work on time and they couldn't concentrate in the class. 2. Falling of bags from their chairs:- this created discomfort because they had to pick up their bags every now and then.

They themselves were affected by the problems, Primary concern :- 1. Delayed and incomplete writing work (tumbling down of erasers) 2. Spilling of water from their water bottles when the bags fall down from the chair several times a day.


DROPPING OF ERASERS 1. ASHER:- Make a small trampoline below the table so even if the eraser fall it will bounce back on the table. 2. NIKSHA:- Cut a paper cup from one side and stick it on the table to keep the eraser. 3. JAY:- Make a potli (a paper pouch) and keep the eraser inside. 4. SHANAYA:- We can make a small paper tunnel to keep the eraser and stick it on the table corner. 5. VIRAJ:- There should be no writing work in the world so there will be no falling of erasers. 6. AARAV:- We can use pen instead of pencil and erasers. FALLING OF BAGS 1. RISHAAN:- We can keep a brick in the slit of the chair. 2. JAY:- We will keep a box on the chair and inside the box we can put the bag. 3. AARAV:- We can tie a rope and make a cage around the slit of the chair. 4. BHAVYA :- We can stick the bag on the chair with a sticking tape.

ERASERS:- We voted Shanaya's idea of a paper tunnel because it was easy to make and worked perfectly in the class setup without hampering the space on the table. BAGS:- Aarav's idea to tie a rope around the slit of the chair was actually practical and can be implemented easily.

Step 3DO

ERASER:- Shanaya made small tube like structure with a paper and stuck it on the table she inserted the eraser inside the tube, she shook the table just to see if the eraser falls, but the eraser was intact,and when asked how will you get the eraser back, with her finger she took it out too very easily A simple and user friendly idea did wonders in the classroom as it was perfect for the children to use. FALLING OF BAGS:- Aarav with collaboration with Bhavya made a cage of rope around the slit of the chair. They called Niksha with her bag to check if its working properly and it was a hit, her bag didn't fall.........yippee!!!!

ERASERS:- After putting the eraser tunnel in the classroom children were very happy because now tumbling down of erasers is a past and they save a lot of time for their writing work and now they finish their work on time. FALLING OF BAGS:- With the help of didis in the school we tied the ropes around the slits of the chair. Children were so thrilled to see their simple ideas working fantastically in the classrooms and it boosted their problem solving abilities. THE POWER OF "I CAN"


1.Jay had a habit of keeping the tap open after use at home. when they shared their ideas about their dropping erasers and bags in the parent-teacher meeting, his mother asked him to think about some solutions for his problem at home, after unleashing his I CAN Superpowers through the project "EK CHOTASA JUGAAD", he decided to make a tag for himself to remind him to close the tap after use. He made one for school too, now no running taps at home and school,,,,,,its a change within. 2. Friends from other branch:-a) This idea is amazing and our erasers are not falling even after shaking the table. b) Awesome idea we will also keep these paper tunnels on our tables.

BAGS:- The bags were not falling down from the slits now but it used to slide down from the sides, so Aarav and Bhavya secured the chairs from the sides too with same rope.

0-7 Days

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Because it deals with children and their innovative ideas to bring about a change in the infrastructure of the school through the resources available.

Step 4 SHARE

a. We shared our project by implementing it in the classrooms, to parents through parent-teacher meeting, by visiting different branches and other schools, through social media. b. We shared it with the children, teachers and principal of the schools. c. They were surprised to see how simple ideas can bring about a big change and were eager to implement the idea in their schools too.

More than 100

Seeing the success of the ideas of the children the school have adopted these ideas for years to come. The change what the children have brought about will be a legacy. The design thinking have now become an important part of the school system.