To underground of Drained water

Vikas Vidyalay



Nitesh Thool


Rani Dahake,

Pranjali Dhabarde,

Alok Chaudhari,

Akanksha Wawdhane,

Step 1 FEEL

# roads of village are very uncleaned. # bad smelling of surrounding of area. # there are no drains or proper pipeline # there are no proper roads. # people quarrelled each other for drain water. # they abused each others for drain water # Poor villagers cannot construct drain # To underground of Drained water

We decided to solve waste or drain water problem from households run over the road. There are bad smelling also. Many villagers can suffer from fever of Dengue , Malaria ,and Chikunguniya . Villagers quarrel each other also.

Children are the group which is mainly affected and surrounded people also affected. Children shared their problem to parents and some teachers and Sarpanch.


1. We will enquire in Grampanchayat regarding the scheme of pit 2. We will servay the financially status of families. 3 We will convince the villagers about fund who were affected. 4 We will motivate the villagers for safe disposal of households waste for maintaining hygiene surrounding 5. We will decide to make To underground of Drained water. 6. We will collect the material for underground of Drained water as piecs of bricks , small stons and plastic drams

We have implemented everything , we imagined. Magic Pit forsafe disposal of waste water which will also recharge the ground water level.

Step 3DO

We had been deeply affected by the problem of drain water on road as we were going Vikas vidyalay, Kandhali. The student of Vikas vidyalay where going to school and to home and day observed and smelled there waste or drain water form household Run for the roads. So there was bad smell and uncleanness. In the drain water there was strong smell of train water and mosquitoes were in the surrounding. We decided to solve this problem so we organised meeting with friends and parents and some teachers also. We came on the decision of making magic it. So we decided to collect wastage materials and some money as fund for this. We bought iron plane tin, Pipe and collected pieces of bricks and small stones and send and with plastic dram we collected equipment to dig. As that type we Constructed underground of Drained water

Those peoples of who where quarrelling and abusing each other .Now they are happy and drain water going into magic pit and there is no smell or drain water on the road.


Villager:- underground of Drained water is very useful for them and also beneficial I feel happy and congratulate them. Montessori teacher :- I appreciate the children to make underground of Drained water. Villager:- the children helped us or this underground of Drained water and economically I helped the children sharing two plastic drams

We tried much to collect the plastic dram and villages not responding because expenses so we convince and motivated then how it is useful and with nature and collection of fund


Clean water and sanitation

Because sanitation water underground so water level also increasing.

Step 4 SHARE

We also decided to help to make 5 underground drainage water it we shared the information among the or school students and never dies and some villages. KJBF helped to aware the villages about the disease dengue, malaria, Chikungunya etc.


We will aware the other villagers at some neighbouring villages and tell how it is useful and beneficial.