Prakash Deep School For Underprivileged Children



Mamta Singh







Step 1 FEEL

Prakash Deep schools are run in public parks out in the open. The Sector 21-A open school is close to the market area visited by many people. The dirt and garbage abound, people buy gutka and paans and spit everywhere; there is a liquor shop in the market, people litter our school park after the school closes in the afternoon with liquor bottles, wrappers, plastic bags and they spit here there and everywhere.

Getting the liquor shop out of the market area and getting shopkeepers to stop selling gutka and paans were way beyond the children. They chose to tackle the problem of spitting.

The affected people were the entire community living in the area; shoppers that visited the shopping centre and the children of Prakash Deep School.

Step 2 Imagine

1. Those people spitting around can be presented with handkerchiefs. 2. Pamphlets and posters could be made to create awareness. 3. Small boxes could be made that could be carried in cars, trucks, tempos and even hung on bicycle/ rickshaw handles.

Making posters and creating special bio-degradable portable boxes to act as Spittoons.

Step 3DO

Children of grade II sitting in groups designed posters and pamphlets . A paper tea glass was selected for making a bio degradable Spittoon. This was filled with some sand and layered with green grass. The finished products looked like small bouquets.

The result was awareness about the bad habit which was taken for granted and ignored by most as given. Children themselves became aware that it was a bad habit. The posters which they carried in the procession that they took out made the passersby, shopkeepers in the area and the shoppers aware of the importance of this campaign.


Keep up the good work. The spittoon is a good idea.

Some people when approached by children not to spit felt angry and scolded them. Parents of some children scolded and even slapped them for being audacious when they asked them not to spit. We explained to children to exercise patience and to approach people with respect. We also explained that change is not easy, it takes time so they should not get disheartened.

0-7 Days

Life on land

This bad habit exists not only in India but in many other countries and is somehow ignored. This affects the life of all the living beings as it can cause diseases even epidemics. Good health and well being of all is important for progress is yet another goal we relate to and similarly quality education must include awareness of such issues so that at an early stage good habits can be inculcated in children before the adverse influences on the street can make them their prey.

Step 4 SHARE

The project was shared with all the students of the school by making a Power Point Presentation for them, which was shown to them. The designed posters were displayed on the walls of the school. A procession of children was taken out in the shopping centre to make people and shop keepers aware. Children also made an impromptu song that they sang deprecating spitting in public and urging public to promise not to spit. The response of the public was luke warm and some of them showed surprise.

More than 100

The project is more focussed on the idea. It's sustainability is doubtful. What really matters is the awareness it has created and that it can be further spread to more areas and people. The design of the spittoon can set people thinking of a better design. It was good education for our children that ignited their imagination. We'll share it on You Tube and Facebook.