Empowering Education;Powering Change

Anand Niketan Satellite



Hina Gandhi


Aryaman Iyer,

Veerpal Shah,

Om Patel,

Vrinda Modi,

Aashna Tripathi,

Saanika Acharya,

Raghav Agarwal,

Step 1 FEEL

Illiteracy,Education System,Basic Hygiene,Healthcare system,Pollution,Women's safety,Road safety

We chose to tackle the problem of illiteracy. The children of today are the the future of tomorrow, therefore they should have the fundamentals of their careers and futures in the power of their hands to lead our country to the top. Even though there are primary schools setup all over India, the problem persists. So to secure the future of our nation we chose to address this problem.

The people who were affected by this were the children whose parents earn less than 300 rupees daily. These children who have a keen intrest in education are unable to to attend schools due to monetary problems or avalibility of resources. Our primary concerns were whether we could raise enough money to help the children and whether the books would be suitable for the the children and whether we could procure enough books.

Step 2 Imagine

1. Fundraising For Books 2. Student led teaching campaigns for the illiterate 3. Going to schools and distributing books 4. To teach the underprivileged children 5. To corporate with NGO's to help these children 6. Gather teaching resources from schools and provide them to the municipal schools 7. To raise funds and donate them to an organisations such as Samvedna and Ladoo foundation 8. Convincing school going children to donate their old books to these places. 9. Create awareness about needs of the underprivileged children

We planned on hosting fundraising events across Ahmedabad since it was easier to implement and would have a greater impact. Also we would be able create more awareness about the need of these children and therefore have a greater overall effect on society.

Step 3DO

We hosted 2 events: 1. A fun quiz for the students of schools from Ahmedabad and raised funds from the entry fees paid 2. A Teacher's day fair hosted in our school where students organised food and game stalls and collected the money to buy books to donate to the underprivileged.

Through our fundraising events we have raised 1,01,330 rupees for the education of 21 underprivileged children.while doing so we created awareness about the need of these children through our events we were able to have an impact upon the 200 children who participated in the quiz and also the 1000 students who attended the fun fair.


One of the teenagers we donated the books to said that they were greatly touched by our initiative itself and always wanted to learn but did not have viable resources.

We faced problems while finding a venue for our quiz as we were constantly being rejected by theses places due to our age. We also faced difficulty in inviting people to take part in the quiz. We finally found a hall, the GICEA hall who let us carry out the event and we managed to convince 7 schools to send participants to take part in the quiz . We faced logistical problems while planning the quiz it was difficult to manage the funds on the ticket stall we overcame it by taking help from parents and teachers who volunteered to help out.


Quality Education

We think our project falls under quality education as we are providin these children a chance to study without any worries about capital.

Step 4 SHARE

We announced the purpose of the fun fair before we started it and in the posters of the fun fair. We also sent invites to the fun fair via various social media platforms. We also visited various schools across Ahmedabad to promote the quiz. We also shared our project with Mrs. Earth India 2018-19, Mrs. Asha Vaghasia who helped our cause by helping in the fundraising.

More than 100

We plan to continue hosting events all year round which will help raise money for the education of these children. We are also planning to gather old textbooks and novels from school children which are to be distributed to this in need of them. We are also planning to continue hosting such events more frequently in order to garner more support for these children.