Farmer friendly bicycle mounted with agri implements to cultivate crops management

Agastya international foundation



Shashikala Gouri


Prashant Mayannavar,

Siddaroodha Desai,

Shashank Bewoor,

Kalmesh Kuradi,

Sadanand Mattihalli,

Step 1 FEEL

Labours, tractors,money ,bullocks

The farmers of less land holdings with marginal income of poor farmers without hiring bullocks to cultivate and cannot affordable hire charges for bullocks into their fields for cultivating crops , so I and my partner has decided why should I not modify the bicycle for the purpose of farm operations

Farmers, there primary conern is about getting labours, cant afford large agro equipment .


1. We made a easy cultivator . 2. We again think, to made it as fertiliser. 3. Later we thought that we have to use to use this one as sprayer also. 4. very reasonable manner we thought to implement this one by using bicycle . 5. Later we came up with a solution and designed 3 in 1 machine. 6. Its works as a weed remover ,fertiliser and sprayer

4th one because instead of making different machines for different types of crops for cultivation we have designs it in one machine only ,it will help the farmers

Step 3DO

Methodology: Principle: Laws of conservation of energy and Newton’s third law of motions works under this principle as weed remover which are grown along with crops, to control pest management through spraying on effected crops and also applying recommendation of dosage to grow crops for better nutrients to give high yield. Engineering work of fabrication: We collected all the required materials, designed on bicycle frame with an idea to modify according to our work done with safe and easy .So device is constructed with different multipurpose application to assembly in better way for work done by pushing with manual hand operated farm equipments. Steps of construction: Fabrication of mini tillage: Step1-Scraped bicycle is collected from scrap shop where its parts such as frame is utilized for cultivator with wheel mounted to it. Step2-Handle position is reversed to a wheel. Step3-Small size cultivator at the back side of wheel and bottom of pedal position , cultivator is fabricated according to remove weeds. Step4- Cultivator can be adjusted with settings of nut bolt system according to our requirements for different kinds of crops. Step5- Chisel blade of cultivator can removed and replaced according to different types of crops grown in the fields. Fabrication of sprayer system: Step1-Well designed mounted cultivator above on the gap of frame cycle according size of sprayer tank stand is mounted by wielding. Step2-Sprayer stand is assembled to use sprayer pumping with battery charged to spray on the grown crops. Step3-Suppose the battery charge is low it won’t works than by holding manual to pump the spray by one hand and pushing the cycle by other hand to move on the fields for working purpose. Fabrication of fertilizer: Step1-At the handle of bicycle the plastic 2 holed funnel is mounted with support of stand to hold funnel tightly. Step2-2 holed funnel of bottom pipe is fitted with hollow transparent pipe at the front position of cultivator. Step3-2 holed funnel is used for dosage of applying fertilizer to well grown plants according to near needy by just pushing with handle to one by one plant grown on the fields.

1. The trials made in fields were successfully work done to expectations. 2. Farmers are happy to push by hand and usage of implements 3. Applying little force to do work according to work done was satisfied. 4. All kinds of frames were tested for the trail field.


• They are very happy to see this machine actually they replied that we need such machines in our fields. • It was a easy and cost effective machine . • anyone can use this one.

• We thought to implement our idea but we faced problems like how to frame all 3 different works in one machine . • What the cost actually going. • we are in doubt that is it really works are not.  We planned to made the machine by using bicycle .  it is cost effective and easy to maintain  Its work t effective.


Industry, innovation and infrastructure

For the small scale land farmers they cant afford tractor or big agro equipment so we decided to construct the multipurpose Agro equipment which can help to construct the model with the available local resources.

Step 4 SHARE

We have shared our project with our parents as they are farmers and neighbours and our own village community. we have shown our model to our Head masters and teachers. We have taken the model into field and practically shown the working process of the model. We got positive response and we cleared many doubts related to the model. all the farmers appreciated and ready to replicate this model.

More than 100

1. Soils of various types like black ,red ,alluvial and latent can be managed for cultivating crops by farmers ,gardeners, farms. 2. Single cycle frame with wheels mounted by cultivator sprayer pump stand, Fertilizer application to plants is effectively with less stained hand operated pushing to required energy. 3. For various types of crops like maize, sunflower, groundnut, chili, soya bean, green gram is also be used for multipurpose work. Future scope: 1. Sprayer pump without charged battery can be made to work through rotation of pedaling by chain system. 2. Power generator system is applied instead of pushing manual by hands using muscular energy. 3. According to red soil with hard surface of land cultivator is modified and adjusted to fulfill required work out put in fields.