Help is a Tug Away – Weight Lifter – The Bag Hauling Pulley

Navrachana School Sama



Kashmira Jaiswal


Aayush Rathi,

Varun Khanna,

Abhinav Jain,

Sarjan Shah,

Tirth Shanghvi,

Step 1 FEEL

1. Today’s generation has many problems that need to be worked on. As we are students of 8th standard; we decided to consider problems faced on school level. • Students need to keep their bags behind them. This causes lack of space on the chair for sitting. Thus, giving the students less space for sitting on the chair. • Classes of upper primary section in our school do not get enough light for studying; as the building of these classes is done opposite to the direction of the sun. • Students rarely read books nowadays as the books provided by the school are jailed inside the walls of the library.

2. Students of our school are given coaching sessions early in the morning for sports such as football, cricket and basketball. Students get injured while playing. They may even get hurt at home. However, they need to climb 1 – 2 floors with their heavy bags on their shoulders. We, the five group members felt very bad on seeing them climb those staircases with limping legs and sad faces. As every student has a heavy bag they are not able to help each other out. So, all of us sat down together and took the initiative of creating something which could be of some relief to the injured children. We came up with the idea of installing a pulley system in the school that could help them easily carry their bags to the top floors.

injured and sick students of the school. Players who had heavy sports kits to carry.


1. The solutions on which we worked on. • We decided to install a pulley on the second floor of our school. We decided to drill the pulley in the wall. • We made the pulley in such a manner that it could lift twenty kilograms of weight so that it does not fall on someone while lifting the bag. • We decided to directly install the pulley in the wall so that no other extra expenses would be added. • We decided to install a rust free extra irregular rope so that it could be useful in all seasons. • We decided to have a metal carabineer as a medium to hang the rope in the hook on the pillar. • We decided to make a metal basket for carrying the bags.

2. The solutions that we came up with were not so helpful for the cause we came up with in the initial stage. But as we thought deeper, we gradually got some good ideas to work on. • We decided to install a pulley on the second floor of our school. At first we decided to drill the pulley, but later we realised that it needs to be attached through a *faster so that the pulley does not fall even on intense pulling or weight bearing. • Our pulley was supposed to lift only twenty kilograms, but we thought that it was important for it to lift at least forty-five kilograms in order to protect it from falling. So we installed extra weight bearing pipes in the pulley. • We brainstormed and concluded that the bags that would be carried through the pulley would get scratched by the friction produced between the wall and the bag while lifting. So we made an angle supporting the pulley and reducing the friction. • The user’s hand would get cut because of pulling the rough rope. So we decided to buy a more expensive rope which has fewer irregularities. • The carabineer could break one’s head if it falls. So we decided to install a fabricated carabineer that would not be so harmful if it falls. It is equally strong compared to the metal carabineer in terms of strength. • We had decided that we would attach a metal basket as a medium to carry the bags; but later we understood that if a metal basket falls on someone’s head, the person could get heavily injured. So we replaced the metal basket with a jute basket.

Step 3DO

1. There were a number of things that our group had to do in order to make a good pulley. • Measure the dimensions of the bag; that would be carried through the pulley, and make the basket according to the size of the bag. • Measure the length of the floors on which the pulley had to be installed; so that the rope of the pulley can be installed accordingly. • Measure the weight of the bag that the pulley would have to lift, so that the intensity of the pipe stand and hook could be made accordingly. • Order for making a fabricated carabineer so that it does not hurt someone if it falls at all by mistake or unfortunately. • We had to decide the angle of the pulley stand so that it can sit easily on the wall. If the pulley is not placed on the right level, it could cause great problems in future. • We had to oil paint the pulley so that it does not corrode in future; resulting in the bad show of the pulley.

2. The outcome of our project was successful. Students who could not carry their bag were now easily able to transport their bags to their classrooms now. They did not have any difficulty while using the pulley. Now no student complained about the illogical system of schools and how they should have been. Instead they simply pull the bag without the lightest effort and easily climb upstairs without the heavy load on their delicate shoulders.


B. Many students and teachers gathered around the spot we were installing the pulley and were curious to know about the pulley. After the pulley was ready for use, we invited some students and teachers to give some comments on our pulley. • Shilpi Ma’am: “It is an awesome pulley. It is very easy to pull the heavy bags upwards. It is a very innovative idea to help students climb up easily and reduce man power.” • Archir Luhana: “It is a very effective pulley. Thank you for installing it. This pulley will be very useful for sports persons like me who needs to carry two or three bags.” • Ansh Goyal: “It is an amazing pulley! It took me absolutely no effort to lift my heavy bag. It is really a great idea!”

When we started building up the pulley, we faced many difficulties. We had to make a pulley in a way that would helpful for the students. There were some other minute problems that troubled us; but these were the most time consuming problems and we had to think a lot for the solutions of these problems. • The first problem we faced was to find a cost friendly but effective pulley. With a great effort of roaming through the narrowest roads of the city, we found the pulley at Vadodara Fabrication Association (VFA). • Then we had to find a rust free rope which would:  A leech free rope so that it could be used in all seasons.  A less irregular rope so that it does not cause any effort to the hands when working. We found the rope that suited our needs in the Vadodara Hardware Association (VHA). • We realised that we had to find a thing on which we could place our bags and lift them up. We thought to take a metal basket on which we would keep our bags and lift them but we thought it will not be eco-friendly to use a metal basket. The alternative we found was to use a jute bag instead of a metal basket. • When we were going to install the pulley, we got to know that the basket that was used in the pulley struck the wall many times and thus the pulley did not work efficiently. So we concluded that we have to install an angle on which the pulley could be installed so that the basket of the pulley could go up smoothly without colliding with the wall.

15-30 Days

Quality Education

Our project aligns with the 4th global goal. QUALITY EDUCATION. Our pulley relaxes the students thus giving them good amount of energy to study for the rest of the day.

Step 4 SHARE

2. The five group members of our team were constantly working for this project since summer vacation as two of our group members Sarjan Shah and Aayush Rathi went for morning practices. Kashmira Jaiswal Ma’am, the school head for DFC gave us the idea of announcing our idea in the morning assembly in front of the whole school. This is how we reached to each and every person in our school for sharing our idea. Students, especially those who went for morning practices, along with the teachers praised us for thinking of making something like this. Students even requested our group to install the pulley as soon as possible.

More than 100

4. Our pulley is not delicate as the materials that constitute the pulley are extremely strong weight bearers. Our pulley is capable of extensive use, but any machine gets damaged after a certain period of time. To sustain its efficiency we would have to take some strict measures. • Any student who damages the parts of pulley will be asked to bring a new piece of the broken part or pay the money that will be required to bring a new part. • One person from each section of every class of secondary school will be appointed to check the proper functioning of the pulley. The students will be appointed by the members of our group. Only people willing to volunteer for this duty will be appointed. They will check the pulley after every alternate period between the transition periods of teachers.