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Step 1 FEEL

Communication and understanding in English No Time and space to Play No Games period Way to school is not good Frequent Power cuts Clean Toilet and Washrooms Girls are not allowed to go outside Constant Pressure of Working and Earning Money

The problem that the students chose to work on was 'no games period'. Out of all the hours they spend at school, they couldn't make time out for an activity period. The students felt the need for a break in their busy study schedule. A lack of infrastructure and resources furthered the issue and hence they decided to take matters into their own hands.

All students were concerned about this issue. As mentioned, their primary concerns included a lack of infrastructure, no time allotted for any activity and the growing inability to grasp concepts due to no breaks since the mind couldn't get refreshed.


1. Identifying outdoor games which can be played in the available area and which do not take up too much time. 2. Identifying activities which would be equally recreational and could be played indoors as well. 3. Identifying creative learning games like pictionary, etc. 4. Convincing the administration to allot some time for the activities which the students identified by leveraging their will to work hard for the extra time they'd get for their recreation.

The students implemented all the solutions which have been mentioned. They decided to form a complete plan to propose to the administration so they would get the permission they wished for.

Step 3DO

1. The students divided themselves into teams and assigned responsibilities for each phase of the process. 2. Each team worked on separate phases and took ownership for its completion. Phases included planning, selection of games, acquiring and managing resources, proposing their ideas to the administration, etc. 3. After the separate discussions, they decided to sit down and together and came out with the 'MASTER PLAN'. 4. The next part was convincing the administration which they did successfully and then impart the same idea for juniors.

The administration was convinced fully and allotted one period of 15 minutes every day as a pilot. They also promised that if successful, they would increase the duration of the period and would implement the same for rest of the school. Now, all students are found utilizing that time for various indoor and outdoor activities like playing keyboard, art & craft, games like kho kho, carom, etc. In the absence of any coaching at the moment, the students are involved in an independent learning of the games they plan to play and they also coach their juniors.


"We never used to get time to play at school. We now look forward to coming to school every day and now enjoy playing along with learning." - Student, GURUKOOL KIDS "It was only after the children proposed this idea that we realized the importance of activities period that was missing. School is not just about learning from books but also a place to develop the minds completely - not just mentally but physically." - Teacher, GURUKOOL KIDS

1. Lack of infrastructure - For which they came up with games and activities which could be conducted in the available space. They also had some vacant space near the school premises for which they convinced the land owner to let them play in that space when not in use. 2. Convincing the administration - For which they came up with a detailed plan and proposed the same idea to them. 3. No coach - Students started to learn the rules of games themselves and also taught them to their juniors.

15-30 Days

Good health and well being

For the overall development and growth of all children, it is important to play as much as study. Also like someone once said "sports builds character".

Step 4 SHARE

The students shared this project with the rest of school by word of mouth and through the administration. Everybody was on board with the idea and excited about the first step towards their overall growth outside of their syllabus.

More than 100

One condition for being given the activities period was that the children will work hard and score well in their exams. To keep this period, they would have to consistently perform well. That is the main plan of sustaining this idea.