Satyamev Jayate


Uttar Pradesh




Anamitra Jaiswal,

Sanskriti Jain,

Anshika Singh,

Step 1 FEEL

We saw almost everyone incessantly forwarding anything they received on the social media without verifying the truth of the content . Lot of such forwards started creating rift in our classes amongst friends of different community.

Fake news and malicious content being circulated all over on various platforms and the after effects of the same in making lives miserable was what we wanted to highlight. We wanted to say that Truth will always triumph. So say no to FAKE NEWS

Everyone in the society is effected by propagation of fake news since it colours your opinion and spoils relationships to the extent of causing physical damage .


Finding about Fake News from the context of : Judiciary IPC People's mindset about Fake News How does media deal with it

All of the above mentioned because this 360 degree involvement would only help in Fake News being stopped or reduced.

Step 3DO

We interviewed several people from the Judiciary Police Service Psychologists NGOs working with people propagating and people affected by Fake news cases. The idea was : Exhaustive research on how can we stop Fake News.. What are its legal ramifications.. Can the culprits be brought to book ??

We wanted and made people whom we could reach out to not believe in everything they read on the internet or on a WhatsApp just because there is a picture with a quote next to it and be responsible for spreading content


1. We never thought that the content that we read and excited and forward can actually make lives miserable and at the same time get into trouble for damaging social equilibrium . Dilip Kumar .. a sport person we interacted with during our campaign. You children are doing the work that responsible adults across all professions should come together and do to stop the menace of hatred being spewed by Fake News. SP Crime Varanasi

Social media is such a huge space wherein anonymity and dead ends of leads are very common. Also a post which we believe in when circulated led to disastrous results where not in public minds. So to make people to understand to Share responsibly. you are an influencer within your own social network was a tough job but constant reaching out and also telling them the cons of propitiating fake news helped us get through.


Peace, Justice and strong institutions

For peace to prevail ,people have to be responsible .. Thus responsibility is the only antidote to the menace of Fake News.

Step 4 SHARE

We went into classrooms and made adolescents , aware of this menace . Assembly presentations were also effective. We organised small rallies and Nukkar Nataks. Interacted with General Public . Went on to FM studios, print medias and Local Television Channels to propagate our message .

More than 100

We want to continue with our mission to make people responsible and think before they forward .Don’t be a catalyst to a fake news that may make a life or lives miserable. Don’t believe ! Don’t propagate !!