Actions speak louder than words

Sunbeam School Lahartara

Uttar Pradesh


Vartika Puri



Step 1 FEEL

Utkarsh Anand … joined our school, a few months back !! He was just like us.. looked the same .. appeared just like us !! But was he …then why did he not speak to us when we interacted !! He would just stare … He was serious in class …attentive. But never spoke … …and then we realized he was speech IMPAIRED !! He wanted to interact with us..but we would not understand… had problems expressing ideas not emotions. …slowly he started withdrawing ..became difficult to understand .. We had to make him FEEL good … understood…..wanted !!

We wanted to make a speech impaired boy comfortable and wanted in our school set up by learning his language so that communication becomes easy.

Children effected by Speech impairment . Their Parents Teachers Students School and Society


We had to learn sign language and use it in our everyday life. Sensitize the whole school so that they appreciate differences and immerse in it.

We wanted to sensitize everyone to his impairment and teach everyone the language which he would understand so that he would not feel out of place, We wanted to learn his language…not just for our friend but for everyone like him , we would ever meet in life..

Step 3DO

We started on our journey of how we could communicate with the speech impaired . A Journey which took us to this neighboring school for the speech impaired. It was a new profound learning !! Made us more determined to create an environment of acceptance and understanding in the classroom, and encourage peers to accept the students with speech impairment. We had teachers coming in to teach us sign language . Visits to the other big schools for Speech impaired opened newer canvasses of learning from the children themselves !!

Everyone in our school started understanding the importance of Sign Language. They also started appreciating their own gift of voice. Sympathy turned into empathy in the school premises.


Thank you for making us feel wanted and accepting us the way we are in your world. We love when you come to us in our school and look forward to your visits. You all know so much ..keep giving us your knowledge so we can also be like you . A student at Nav Vani school for the speech impaired . Utkarsh was extremely irritated at all point of time but since the last few weeks , i have seen him happy. He wants to go to school. He finds himself more comfortable in the set up. He has started his other faculties to communicate and stresses more on writing now. Parents of Utkkarsh Anand

TO turn sympathy into empathy . To feel sorry for the speech impaired was very general and easy but to understand and accept them and work towards accommodating them in our environment . Once the interaction started and presentations were made,we overcame the hurdles and it was smooth thereon


Reduced inequalities

Everyone with impairments irrespective of its kind has the right to be comfortable in any environment without being conscious of his deficiencies . Our project endeavors to do that .

Step 4 SHARE

We took our project to the whole school !! Classes , assembly presentations…. Fridays would be days when in the school , only the teachers spoke…all of us, students would communicate by sign language… an attempt slow to take shape but improving every week. Slowly, Sunbeam Lahartara has another mode of communication.. Sign Language. Weekly visits to the Speech Impaired School gave us the opportunity to mentor young students there with our knowledge. We became mentors to them and passed on our knowledge!! Special Educators..did we hear that.. We set out to make Utkarsh comfortable in our setup … in the process we became comfortable in theirs..

More than 100

From classes VI upwards we all have learnt sign language . We want to continue this endeavor and take it to the outside world also. Fridays in school will be silent days where except teachers and school admins everyone will be silent