Beautiful pots from waste gunny bags.

GHS Garudacharyapalya SRF FOUNDATION



K Revathi


Manu Kumar ,





Step 1 FEEL

* We saw that lot of gunny bags due to going on construction work. * At the raining time water will stored in that gunny bags due to create a lot disease for students.

*At the raining time water will stored in that gunny bags due to create a lot disease for students. * They were keeping one class room. So, we had to cleaned the room.

* School students and teachers mainly affected that problem. * Students were met to the school Head Mistress.


* To remove the gunny bags from class rooms. * To use as a garbage bag * Decorate the school corridor.

* Green Initiative is another concern of the school. So, students chosen this gunny bags waste to make a garden.

Step 3DO

Gunny bags collected by school and homes. Then, construction people given the one bag of waste cement. Cement pots collected from schools. Students to create shape of pot using the plastic pots. Then, applied the cement on the gunny bags. It was dried in 3 days. After, 2 days it was water cured. Then, students colored the pots to make a good design. Students collected mud compost put in the pots and sapling the plants. This pots used multipurpose of the school.

* Green initiative * waste management * Decorate the school campus * To give the awareness of other students and people of plants. * students learnt the cost management.


* It is a amazing idea. * We will implemented the idea in our homes. * Another school teachers also appreciate and do the same idea in their schools. * In TCS volunteers appreciate the students for good job and innovative idea.

* In starting we have to buy the cement in shops, we had not that much amount, then, construction people given free cement. * We went to the painting shop and explained our thoughts, they gave the free two spray colors.

7-15 Days

Affordable and Clean energy

* To remove the waste gunny bags from the schools and nearby places. * Zero investment method. * We didn't buy the new pots for schools. * It was create the plants sapling and green energy initiative

Step 4 SHARE

you tube link will be share all school gmail and community mails. Direct show the school students using projectors. They was very much appreciated and very interested.


Every students take care of each individual pots. They all are daily monitoring the pots and boring water to plants. They have good responsibility of their pots. To do their design in their pots. Students motivate their friends and other class boys to do same like things.