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Step 1 FEEL

🌸We did not have proper play area. 🌸Insufficient class rooms. 🌸No name board for our school. 🌸No proper room for library and computer. 🌸No library period. 🌸No new library books. 🌸Building not painted. 🌸Two unused buildings in front of the school campus where durnkard throw away bottles in front of our school. 🌸Desk for small children. 🌸No computer teacher. 🌸No proper place for library rack.

We decided to choose the concept of library because we thought that this problem is of atmost important than any other problem since library is a place where many achievers , writers, scientists and many other professionists are born. It is a place where the students get moulded with good habits. It is a place of inspiration . Our former president Thiru. A. P. J. Kalam said one good book is equal to 100 good friends. so to create the habit of reading and gain knowledge from good books we choose to select this idea .

All the children of our school were affected by this problem. There primary concern is to read books without disturbing anybody. They fell hesitated and embarrassed to get into our HM'S room.


We first thought to buy a new bureau for library . We decided to shift our library rack to our room. Books can be equally kept in all classes. Change the place of the rack. Plan for Mobile library such the it can move from one room to another. Asking help from teachers to shift the library. Separate room for library.

We choose to do a mobile library as it will not disturb any classes and it will be very comfortable for the children to be in their favorite place and read books.

Step 3DO

When we said our idea to our teacher she was glad and requested our HM to permit them. Then we told our whole plan to our Mentor teacher.she raised her hands to support us financially . She bought the necessary things needed for our project.. One of our parents was a carpenter and he gave us support to execute our ideas. He also presented wheel the important element of our project that is wheel.

All the children were very happy and the habit of reading books have grown. Children eagerly waited for there library to come. They also started creating books on their own for their library.

146 students of our school and nearly 100 people from our village.After seeing our mobile library steps have been taken to renovate our village Panchayat library.

Our children felt very happy about the library and third std kid said"here after we needn't go to HM room for taking books" And another student said "I love to sit inside my classroom and read books in lunch timeand here after the library will come to me"

While carrying the Library from class to class the door beings were problem and there no slopes inside classroom. We kept handles on both the side of our library so that we slightly lifted our and let our library inside. After seeing this our HM have promised to put slight slopes in front and each classes.

15-30 Days

Quality Education

We thought that quality education is a very powerful and sharp weapon to shape the whole world. Our mobile library has been established to create awareness on reading books and we have attained our goal successfully.

Step 4 SHARE

We shared our project in assembly, To our school teacherspublic meeting, with our village president, our SMC members ,door to door campaign, our education officers and all other social media's. They said our project is an innovative project.

More than 100

Regular monitoring of the wheels in our mobile library. Buying books with our pocket money, and on our friends birthday occasions .Reading books and proper handling of the library is monitered regularly.