Home-made hand wash for hygiene and COVID-19 protection

Save the children, Bihar



Rakesh Yadav

Step 1 FEEL

1. People around us first criticized that we should pay attention to our studies rather than making hand wash. They said it is a waste of time. 2. We were uncertain that whether it will work or not or accepted by the community. 3. People do not pay attention to hand wash but it is essential thing in COVID-19 spread.

We choose to make hand wash because COVID infection was reaching very fast and there was a danger of reaching this infection in our community. Since, it was repeatedly in messaging which instructed people to do frequent hand wash, no-body was paying any heed on this. We make aware people on keeping hygiene and do frequent hand wash. This is a low cost initiative which people can afford easily.

In our village, the people are ignorant of hygiene practices and do not practice hand wash frequently. This poses danger of contracting COIVD infection. Even, if they wanted to do so, they either do not have sufficient money to afford it or the product was not available in the village.

Step 2 Imagine

- We came with making affordable, simple hand wash which can be made at home. - We informed people about pro and cons of hand wash.

- We made home based affordable hand wash. - We aware people on maintaining hygiene and do frequent hand wash.

Step 3DO

- We first wanted to learn how to make hand wash. We conducted a meeting of our groups and discussed the problem. We contacted our mentor and he suggested to make a simple hand wash which needs common available materials in the village. - He gave us instructions to make hand wash. The process of making the hand wash is as follows- Cut soap into pieces, boil it in water till it forms a paste. After that add 2-3 teaspoon of glycerin for 250 ml of paste for smoothness. Add Gulabjal for fragrance. Pour it in bottle and use it. - We tried it and used it in our homes and meetings. - We trained other girls to make. - We distributed it free to villagers. - We advised people to do hand wash frequently and use this hand wash.

The hand wash is in use in the community and some girls are making it at their home. It is very cheaper to make. Only one shop and some glycerin can produce one liter of hand wash. This is helping people in preventing COVID-19 spread.


1. "This should be learnt by all children along with their studies." 2. "You have provided it in very low cost."

No, big challenges were encountered except convincing people to do frequent hand wash and use this hand wash. Also finding a good solution was a challenge.

0-7 Days

Good health and well being

Handwashing’s most immediate benefit is good health. Handwashing is a cost-effective way to prevent health problems ranging from diarrheal diseases to emerging global health threats like COVID-19. It’s also a critical factor in the success of health strategies. Handwashing fits into a comprehensive strategy to end diarrheal diseases and save lives in India. In COVID time it has become inevitable to follow hand wash to prevent the spread of infection.

Step 4 SHARE

- Meeting one to one with people. Their appraised our effort and said it is really good and is affordable. Earlier we were not thinking of using a hand wash. - Through phones calls and whatsapp groups with peers and other. The appreciated it. Our organization also shared this with in their other branches. They said it is a good solution by the community and for the community in this COIVD times. It should be replicated in other areas too. They shared this process in their other branches too.


We have trained other girls on how to make this hand wash. They are making it in home and using it. they are not buying hand wash from market. This is protecting them against COVID. As this is very cheap, easy to make and they are practicing its make at their home, this will sustain in the community.