pups periyamothganapalli

Tamil Nadu


Banupriya v


Sanjay R,

Dharshan D,

Abishek M,

Raghavan S,

Premachitra C,

Step 1 FEEL

Students feels that their books getting wet during Rainy Days. Even the Clothes gets dry within an hour , but it takes time to dry the Books.

Students feels as their Books getting Wet and the Handwritten notes are erased in Rain water.

Students are mainly affected by the problem. They are approaching Parents to buy a Raincoat. But it is more cost for parents who are going for Daily wages.


*First we planned to prepare a cover for Bag alone. *Making umbrella with waste covers. *Making RAINCOAT using waste PLASTIC BAGS available at home.

We choosed to make a NO COST RAINCOAT using Plastic Bags. Because, this is the only solution without cost and easy to make by everyone.

Step 3DO

We have planned to make a raincoat . Our core Team gets bags from home. First we cut the Plastic Bags for Head and Hands.. But the hole for head what we cut in the bag was big in size . so again we started with new one. We carefully cut the holes and inserted head cap also to prevent us from the rain.

We students are benefited and our Parents felt Happy to prevent the Books with no cost.


Even the small kids can do the project with available materials at home. so they were Happy by doing the project in own hands. "We Feel, We Deserve it" "One Idea , Two Solution". "Small thing,But Smart Result".

The first Trial was not work out, So we tried again and again to cut properly and prepared it. Even our Parents said that the idea will not succeed by small kids.. but we deserved it.


Decent work and economic growth

The only thing we needed to protect our Bags. But we made a raincoat to prevent ourselves also from rain . so one idea gets two solution. We made it without troubling our parents. So we saved little amount to our Parents with our Decent work.

Step 4 SHARE

We Showed the Raincoat model what we have done infront of the Students. They observed our explanations and prepared the same in very few days. to the students in our school we shared our project. We got Very Good Response by their own model in few days.

More than 100

The Students who are studying in a government school is not rich compare to others. Our Parents also Daily wages and dont have money to fulfill all our wishes. The project what we have done is NO COST and helps us to prevent from Rain. Because its Rainy in few more months than other districts. It helps us to improve our vision wide and satisfaction of self made product. Happy to did the Project. Happy to DFC for this opportunity to explore our Talents. Thanks to Ashok Leyland- Learning Links Foundation for Finding our Talents.