Construction of a Bird Aviary to Save Birds


Andhra Pradesh




Garaga Giri,

Ontipalli Durga,

Mukurapu Praveen,

Addanki Satwik,

Kurapati Karthik,

Chavakula Satya ,

Gudala Namita ,

Telu Maha Lakshmi,

Garaga Leelavathi ,

Majji Jhansi Deepa,

Step 1 FEEL

The following problems were a major issue - Garbage around the school Missing compound wall Birds with no proper food, water, or shelter resources

The children witnessed a little bird falling into a water pond. They watched here suffer and decided to work on a project that can help the birds. They decided to construct a bird aviary where the birds can live in a green-space with ample food and water resources.

Birds are the primary concern. They did not have proper shelter. They also did not adequate food.


We came up with the various solutions - Hand over the birds to the nearest sanctuary. Provide shelter, food, and water around the school ground itself by building a bird aviary.

We chose to build the bird aviary since the grounds are filled with trees, plants, have a pond nearby, and makes for a green open space for the birds to reside in.

Step 3DO

The first part of the implementation was to arrange food bowls and water pots to provide means of providing food and water. We also had to arrange for the grains. To do the same, students organized several awareness programs wherein they created awareness among the villagers about the need to save birds. Following these programs, villagers contributed by providing students with bowls, pots, and grains. Further, we wanted to create a safe space, so we contacted forest officials, to educate the students regarding safety guidelines and precautions while building and maintaining the aviary. They not only gave useful tips but also contributed some plants to be planted in the aviary.

We were able to give a safe, open home and greener space to birds. They had ample food in the form of grains and water.

Our solutions helped the birds as well as the people of the village. The aviary helped create a safe home for the birds and a greener space for the students. It also increased awareness of the importance of birds to the villagers.

1. One of the students’ parents said that the birds simply enjoy the nature of the school. And this helps create a great space for everyone living in the village 2. One of the villagers said that the aviary has helped create a harmonious environment for the elders and everyone else to enjoy.

The major challenge was to get grains and water pots. To overcome that, the students organized awareness programs. They created banners to raise awareness. The villagers contributed the grains and pots following these programs. Another challenge was to ensure proper safety guidelines. We consulted with the forest officials to overcome this. Students communicated the benefit of using compost by showing their project to the farmers. Farmers who were then hesitant and dubious are now practicing the compost strategy.

7-15 Days

Life on land

Life on land is the goal our story aligns itself with as the bird aviary provides shelter and food for the birds, thus ensuring their biodiversity and increase in population. The building of the aviary also resulted in awareness of providing a safe space for birds to the villagers and the students.

Step 4 SHARE

We organized awareness programs in the village as well as an inauguration ceremony for the Bird Aviary. We invited the Forest Range officers to the ceremony. They were impressed with our progress in such a short time.The Forest Range officer also quoted that he has visited many schools for their environmental programmes but he has not seen this much dedication in any school at such a young age. The villagers were impressed with the green and clean environment we had initiated and they said they would be a part of this programme and extended their support.

More than 100

We plan to continue educating people and open the bird aviary to contributions from the villagers and anyone visiting the aviary. We also plan to keep in constant touch with the forest officials and take their continuous guidance. Every month, we plan to keep the bird aviary open to outside visitors and thereby create awareness about the importance of birds.