Innovative Bus Library

Agastya international foundation



Sujay Bhojakar


Laxmi Badiger,

Jyoti Itagi,

Sameer Kabadi,

Amit Madiwalar,

Prashant Mirajkar,

Step 1 FEEL

* Students used to waste a lot of time in bus while travelling. * Students used to make a lot of noise which was very disturbing to Driver. * Students were very much diverted from studies.

Students used to waste a lot of time in bus while travelling. While going in the bus there will be no teachers present so kids make a lot of noise & do some not useful activities. In that case if we provide them with Flash Cards containing interesting information about science, General Knowledge, History & Motivational Stories. Then they will be eager to know more interesting things which will build their reading capacity & they will approach their teachers.

Parents of Students were affected by this problem. Their concern was that their kids were diverting from study. They lost interest in studies. So bringing back their interest in study was main job.


* Making kids to explain the lesson taught in the school. * Giving them books to read. * Giving Flash Cards with interesting information to read.

* Giving Flash Cards with interesting information to read. In bus time will be short so they will be able to read little information. That information will be interesting & it will create more hunger to read.

Step 3DO

First we discussed it with our teachers asked them to provide some information. We also refereed different books and internet. Then we took printout of those information in A4 sheets and laminated them. Then we gave them to kids to read while travelling in bus.

Students were very much interested to know new things. They shared their knowledge with their friends, parents & teachers. They were attracted towards studies. Their knowledge level increased.


* They came to know a lot of new things which was not taught to them in school & was very much useful. * They gained reading habit.

At first when we gave them flash cards some were torn, some didn't come back, some came back with writings on them. So we pasted them behind the back of sheets.

0-7 Days

Quality Education

Now a days kids are always busy in mobiles. So to overcome that it will help them to develop reading habit & they will get to know more interesting things which will help them to build their life in a very good way.

Step 4 SHARE

We explained our project in class and also to our teachers. We also went different schools and explained to those school teachers and students. When they listened to our idea they were very impressed. They promised us that they will implement this idea in their school.

More than 100

Now we have just flash cards. In Future we will keep models of math , Science & puzzles which will give children a hands on experience. By hands on experience they learn more.