Go Organic Join The Green

Wisdom high international school



Ms Bhavana date Ms Sadhana Jagtap


Yashica Avhad,

Devaj Chopada ,

Manomay Pawar,

Rajlaxmi Patil ,

Ustat Lamba,

Mahek Anand ,


Step 1 FEEL

The problem was regarding the waste food which was left out in the plates also the vegetables waste, peels and all that which is left in the kitchen and was thrown away.

Managing the wet garbage in a such a manner which can be utilised later in a useful way .

It was a problem for the kitchen staff to dispose food which was left over and it was unethical on our part to put the left over food in the garbage truck when we know the fact that thousands of people all around the world are starving . So we thought to make the best use of the left over food by converting it into organic manure .


Making manure Giving it to needy people making it as animal food

Making manure was chosen as a solution as we can manage it in school time ,less man power was needed , it can be done by children themselves, no much care to be taken in disposal of garbage . We can also make use of the waste papers which were left in the school . Saw dust was also utilised along with the dry leaves which we cleaned from the school premises.

Step 3DO

Firstly we instructed the maids to collect the wet garbage and the kitchen waste . Then we figured out how to make up the successful model to make the manure. We managed to get the used drum and the used wheels which were not in use to construct the model . Then we met all the heads of the school for the permission and started collecting all the required materials .

The project turned out to be very successful as we found that such waste management can be preferably used for every place in the society . We would also like to suggest that if the government take such an initiative then there would be a drastic change in the society


Garderner of our school : The garderner said " I am amazed to see such type of quality manure made by the students. " Parents : " We are highly taken up by such ideas were we see our children building the society in such a way."

In the beginning we faced difficulties in implementing the procedure but later taking some help of certain resources such as : Experts opinion , google , group discussion etc proved out to be beneficial to achieve our goal .

15-30 Days

Responsible consumption and production

we think so because it has a vision to build up a society in a very natural ,cheaper and easy to implement where only instructions and monitoring will work better and it will prevail basic knowledge to every level of people .

Step 4 SHARE

A video was shown to the people they met and explained them about the procedure . Children talked to their school mates , people in their societies, areas ,colonies and also thinking of spreading this idea on air through radio channel. All of them were happy and motivated to bring the change in their place too .


will keep sharing our idea in different parts of our city,in other schools,our neighbourhoods. in our school we will do this on regular basis.