Why should boys have all the fun?#

P.U.M.S. vaduvur Thenpathi

Tamil Nadu


Emalda merlin


Mohitha , Maheshwari , Mahalakshmi , Pushpavalli , Bhuvana.,

Step 1 FEEL

Gender inequality. Avoid polythene bags.

Gender inequality. Because it affects students a lot.

Girls in our school.


Girls want to prove themselves that they can also play kabaddi well. Forming a girls kabaddi team.


Step 3DO

Girls challenged boys and then they get practiced . They were trained up by the elder sister in their own school. Then they prove themselves to our school that they can also play kabaddi well.

Everyone in our school changed their opinion that kabaddi is only for boys.

More or less 100

Girls proved their power. Excellent girls. All the best for your team.

Boys make fun of girls while taking practice for kabaddi.

15-30 Days

Gender Equality

Because sports is equal to all , it's not about the gender.

Step 4 SHARE

We share our project with our schoolmates by playing kabaddi. They feel very happy and inspired

More than 100

Weekly twice we conduct a match and then Keep doing practice.