''Always be clean, Practice good hygiene'' An awareness campaign.


Uttar Pradesh


Satyendra Kumar Bajpai


Aarzu Anshu Kanchan Sumi Laxmi Komal Ritesh Amit Sunil Sahil Rahman Surekha Poonam Kirti,

Step 1 FEEL

Bamanua is located in very backward area. Due to backwardness of our area there are numbers of problems like unemployment, gambling, intoxication, illiteracy, health facilities, poverty, disrespect of women in community and in family, Personal hygiene. etc. These were some problems by which our community was suffering a lot.

We decided to work on Personal hygiene of children and community members of our village. We select this problem because not only it effects the children and community members of this village but also friends of our school. We noticed that one of my friend remain absent for a long time. So one day we visited his house to have information about him. His mother told us that he is ill for a long time. We met him. He told us that his younger brother has passed away yesterday. He was also ill as he. He informed me that most of the children and community members of his family were sick in these days. We stay there for two hours and noticed that no one following even a single step of personal hygiene. His house was very dirty. His younger sister was playing on street with their friends in dust. She came and asked for food. Her mother gave her food. She started to eat she did not wash her hands. We visited the locality and found that children and community members were totally unaware about importance of bath, hand wash, tripping of nails, clean cloths and other good practices to maintain Personal Hygiene that is why most of children and community members were sick.

Each and every community member of our area was affected with this problem. Their primary concern was to know fallowing things. @How to get well soon? @How to remain healthy and fit? @To know importance of personal hygiene. @To know process of hand-wash, and cleanliness


@-We decided to aware the community about importance of personal hygiene. We shall aware them through rallies, distribution of pamphlets, role plays, open meetings and display of videos to students and community members about how wash hands and how to bath and remain neat and clean and healthy. @-We decided to work on 10, children who were always remain dirty. Their family members were also gave no importance to Personal hygiene. @-To conduct Workshop of mothers on personal hygiene in school and in main places of our community. So that community members must be aware about importance of personal hygiene. In these work shops we will aware them to become ’’SWAKSH INDIAN, SWASTH INDIAN’’ @-To conduct a Demo on ten children to make them clean by fallowing all tips of maintaining personal hygiene. @-To Display chart ,posters and banners to aware community to maintain personal hygiene..

All the solution which I have mentioned above will be implemented in this campaign because these solutions will spread awareness. @ The rallies, pamphlets and role plays will spread awareness in community towards the information about Personal hygiene of each and every Community member. Every person will be able to discuss about importance of hand wash, having bath and other things to maintain their personal hygiene. @ By arranging workshops of mothers on personal hygiene in all schools, main places of community we shall train them about how to maintain personal hygiene.

Step 3DO

We did a survey and discussion with community members, we found that a most of people of our area are totally unaware about importance of’’ Personal Hygiene’ ’. They were eating things without hand wash. They did not take bath regularly. They did not trip their nails. These unhealthy habits make them sick. So first of all we arranged rallies in our villages and nearby villages. During rallies we talked with the groups of people with the charts and posters of different types of slogans which aware the community. We maintain a Personal Hygiene Kit at our school. This Kit has all the things which are important to maintain personal hygiene like, Soap, Hair Oil, Nail Cutter, Comb, Kajal, Tooth Paste, Powder and other items. We show personal hygiene kit to community members and children during rallies and advised them to maintain Personal hygiene kit at their home. It is as important as Medical Kit or First Aid box which we have at our homes. .We form ten groups of our D.F.C. team to talk and share about Personal Hygiene. These teams did a survey and find out 10, families who were most careless to maintain personal Hygiene. Each group was allotted one family to aware that family about hand wash, Bath, tripping of nails cleaning of cloths, cleaning of teeth and maintaining all points to remain swaksh. We arrange clothes for the children of the families. We trained the how to remain clean and healthy. Now these families are very happy. These are following tips of personal hygiene. These families are our brand ambassador of or campaign. We also arranged workshop for mothers on personal hygiene at our school and at main places of our village and nearby villages. We told them importance of personal hygiene. We shared how we can make our family the best family by remaining neat and clean. They take an oath to take bath daily, wash their hands before and after having meal and after use of toilet. These mothers promised that they will fallow all these rules at their homes. They promised that they will not serve food to that person who will not fallow these rules. Our DFC Team visited at each and every school of our area because these children are our brand ambassador of maintaining personal hygiene. We showed them videos on hand wash, taking bath and cleaning of teeth in each and every school. We show a demo of hand wash. All the students of each and every school took an oath to remain neat and clean. They must practice tips of personal hygiene at school and at their homes to always remain SWAKSH and SWASTH. We displayed charts and posters having rules to maintain personal hygiene in all the schools and main places of the community.

We tried to reach each and every person of the community. Now most of the people of the village Bamanua have knowledge about importance of personal hygiene. They are also aware about how to bath?, how to wash their hands? And how to remain clean and healthy? Mothers are taking bath daily. They are using soap or ash to wash their hands after using toilets and before and after having meals. They are sending their children to school neat and clean. Other members are also fallowing all tips on personal hygiene

More than 100

B) What did the impacted people have to say about your project? Provide 2 quotes or testimonials: * Mr Veerindra singh Said,“This awareness campaign aware him about personal hygiene.’’ “ Now we shall live a healthy life‘’Mrs. Sheela Devi.

We faced challenge to satisfy the old people because they are still believing in old system. They said that these things will increase their expenses.

15-30 Days

Good health and well being

Personal Hygiene is directly link with Health. If We shall wash our hands before and after having meal and after using toilet and taking bath properly will make us neat and clean. If we shall maintain personal hygiene ,We shall never fell ill and we must get Good health and always remain well .

Step 4 SHARE

We have shared our project in our school in assembly and In Bal Sabha. We have organized meetings in village and share our project in community, at nearby Govt. and private schools. We have also shared our project at you tube. The villager, community members, our teachers etc. have appreciated our project by heart and ask us to keep this project in running.

More than 100

We have formed two committies. In first committee there are 5,Members-1- Mr. Prabhakar Awasthi[ Head Teacher]2- Mr.Ramkumar Shrivastava[N.P.R.C. Bamanua]3- Mrs.Divya Jyoti singh 4-Deepak Singh[Head Boy]5- Aarzu[ Head Girl] This committee will check the personal hygiene of students of all schools of our village and nearby villages .This committee will arrange all the things to celebrate Global Hand Washing Day on 15th October-2018 in all schools and in community. This committee will also plan to celebrate world toilet Day on 19th November-2018 at grand level in all schools and in community. Different types of activities will be done by students of D.F.C.Team and SSHEI Committtee.[School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Initiative Committee Bamanua. There are ten members in SSHEI Committee. In second committee there will be 11, Members. The incharge of the team Is Mr.Fakeere Lal [SARPANCH] 2-Mr.Narendra Pal Singh [Incharge of SSHEI PROGRAMME.3-Kanchan 4-Pallavi 5-Brijesh 6-Priya7-Aalok 8-Keshav 9-Anshu 10-Amit ,11-Shikha This committee will support in all activities to activate I community and in schools perfectly planned by team 1.