Tamil Nadu


Sugadev Chandrasekaran







Step 1 FEEL

1. Students are from poor families. 2. Their home is very small and has one room only. 3. in our village there are more plastic wastes around us. (Ex; plastic bottles )

Among the students in our class , two students are not regular with their homework and studies. But they are gifted learners. So we need to take care about this problem.

Poor family students with single room house . They are poor and have very minimal facilities to study. Their parents cant afford enough provisions for them.


1. Buying a Night Lamp from a shop. 2. Making a Night Lamp from plastic wastes.

We have chosen the second solution. Because the students are from poor families , so their parents don't have enough money to buy a Night Lamp. Also the second solution is based on waste management, because it uses waste plastics as main resources.

Step 3DO

1. Collecting some waste plastic bottles. 2. Collecting some wires with plug and bulb holders. 3. Buying two colour paints from a shop. From the above said materials students prepare a night lamp for poor students.

1. As a result of this project students get a low cost Plastic Recycled Night Lamp for their studies at home. 2. Recycling of plastic takes place , in such a way harm of waste plastics over the land will be reduced .

More than 100

1. The students will read at night and early morning , because of this plastic recycled night lamp. 2. The students say , waste plastics on their environment reduced in an useful way.

Wire with plug is hard to get . So we bought two of them.

0-7 Days

Quality Education

1. Because of this product , the students can read at night and early morning also. 2. They learn how to make valuable things from waste resources. It is a learing process. 3. The envirnoment of students is now with plastic less. They learn about the value of clean environment. 4. They learn about waste management. 5. Thus collectively they learn many things all around. Its not about the quantity of education they get, its about the quality of education by doing and learning.

Step 4 SHARE

1.We made Plastic Recycled as Night Lamp not only for our class students, but for three other students, who are studying in the other classes of our school. 2. We went to village with our product and held a small meeting with people, to tell about our Night lamp from waste plastics. 3. We explained about the making of this product to people. 4. People were happy with students project. 5. People praised students for making a Night lamp from waste plastics. 6. We shared about our project in Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube also. 7. The viewers praised us for low cost night lamp, for making use of plastic wastes, for helping poor students, for waste management.

More than 100

1. We planned to take classes with other school students, about how to prepare this product. 2. We planned to share about our project to even more village people. 3. We wanted to prepare this Plastic Recycled as Night Lamp ( PRNL ) for more students, who face this kind of issue.