Heavy School Bags




Tasneem Indorewala & Husaina Wadhwanwala


Mukarram Baranwala,

Munira Baxaji,

Sakina Motiwala,

Mohsin Najmi,

Fatema Dohadwala,

Arwa Amreliwala,

UmmeSalama Dehnuwala,

Arwa Tashrifwala,

Tasneem EssoufAly,

Munira Saifee,

Step 1 FEEL

The Students listed down their concerns at Personal, School and Community Level. The following problems were of major concern to majority of the students at different levels. * Long school hours. * heavy school bags. * Garbage collected on the approach road leading to our school.

A group of children decided to work towards reducing the weight of their school bags. The students voted for working on this concern as they were uncomfortable and had shoulder pain and it needed immediate attention.

The students were the users so it affected them directly. The concerns of the students were- 1. They had to climb two or three floors with their heavy bags. 2. They had pain in the shoulder and back due to this. 3. They had difficulty in climbing the slope leading to our school.


The different solutions that came up during the brainstorming session are : 1. They should have one physical activity/ recreational period per day to lessen the number of books they have to carry daily. 2. The teachers should clarify which books to carry every day. 3. They wanted to keep some books in school but there was a lack of space for the same.

We decided to work on all the concerns as it would lead them to having lighter school bags

Step 3DO

1. The students prepared and presented the action plan. 2. They took appointment with Principal Sir to ask permission to carry out their actions to reduce the weight of their bags. 3. They took appointments and met their subject teachers to get clarity about the books to be carried daily. 4. They met the Time Table team to suggest some changes in the existing time table to distribute the activity periods evenly over the week. 5. They prepared the questionnaire to conduct surveys to get the feel of the students of grades 4, 5 & 6 on the concern that they were working and found out that most of the children were getting extra books and stationery to school. 6. They compiled the data of the survey using the frequency chart. 7. They made skype call with another school in Burhanpur which is also following the Xseed curriculum to find out a solution to lessen the weight of their bags. 8. They made partitions with cardboard in the teachers's cupboard to put their notebooks and content books in the class. 9.They weighed the bags of a few students in grades II & III. They compared the bag weight in 3 situations: a) When it was empty b) With all the books and materials they carry to school c) Only with the required books and materials that they should be carrying. 10) They visited 2 doctors to understand the ill effects of carrying heavy school bags.

1. The students got the liberty to make minor changes in the existing Time Table to include the physical activity/ recreational period without affecting too many classes. 2. They were able to come up with a solution to keep their books in school cupboards with the help of temporary partitions using cardboard boxes. 3. They requested the teachers to clarify the books they need to carry the next day. The enthusiasm and conviction with which the students worked was commendable. They evolved as confident and practical change makers. The entire process helped them to think more rationally and they were mindful of every minute detail before coming to a conclusion.

More than 100

a) The grade I students and teachers found the ideas and suggestions shared by our DFC students very useful. They also showed gratitude by giving us a card and mentioned that they would also implement. b) When the DFC students presented their story to the students of grade II, it was appreciated by the teachers and students. The students connected to the story quickly and went one step forward by coming up with an idea of keeping their masallahs (prayer mats) in class.

a) To take appointment from their subject teachers during school hours. b) To find a room or space for presenting their story to the students of other grades through a PPT which required a screen and projector. The children managed to speak to the teachers during the snacks and lunch time. They managed to make the presentation through a PPT in the library using one of the walls as the screen.

7-15 Days

Good health and well being

The heavy school bag causes discomfort and pain in the shoulders and the back.

Step 4 SHARE

The children prepared a PPT to share their story with the students of grades I, II & III. They also prepared posters with slogans and distributed in other classes. They have put it up on the walls of their class. The students of grades I, II & III were impressed with the story. It also helped them to understand the ill effects of carrying heavy school bags and made them mindful to carry only the required amount of books and stationery to school.

More than 100

The children have decided to do surprise checking of the weight of the school bags in different classes. This would ensure and help the students to carry only what is required in school.