Water bore-well in school




GMS Kherla


Sher Khan,






Step 1 FEEL

less teachers in school less rooms in school School main road construction Electricity problem Less water in school & to construct the bore well

Students had chosen less water in school and taken decision to construct new bore well in school campus because water problem can be rectify this problem .

School students,teachers ,mid day meal worker,school members & parents were affected with this problem and their primary concern

Step 2 Imagine

Pipeline connection from town Purchasing of water tank on weekly basis Bore well of water water connection from village

Bore well of water has been chosen by students if borewell will construct in school ,in future water problem will not be there in school . it is difficult to do but they want to do efforts for it . Problem of cook ,students and teachers will be sorted out if this will be successful So,they have taken a chance

Step 3DO

Students have a meeting with Sarpanch & public health department for putting the bore well in the school .With the continuous from department by students with sarpanch & teachers they had accepted this and done bore well in the school for students .All the expensesf or bore welli also bear by public health

Water problem has been sorted out for students. School cleaning work is also doing by sweeper in the school and students are watering the plants . students are happy and mid day meal cook ,teachers,EHms ,smc members & parents all are happy.


Ab saari samasya khattam ho gayi ek sath : Hidayat Khan Ab to bachee bade kush rahte hai aur man laga kar padhte hai : Suman

The main and big challenge was that if school aur community will put borewell there were too much expenses and they can't bear the this huge amount. So students had taken step together panchayat ,school & government and solve this problem . This was a good thing that all the expenses is done by public health department and it is done timely .


Clean water and sanitation

bore well in the school was a big issue for the students and because of this sanitation was also affected .

Step 4 SHARE

They had shared with community ,school students and teachers through meeting ,morning assembly ,classwise meeting

More than 100

Now through borewell all the connection had been done for toilets,drinking water station and through pine bundle students are watering the plants . On daily basis they are monitoring the motor status and fixed responsibility to start & off it timely.