Clean School safe Environment

Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar



Roopa Sharma


Shubhakar Jani,

Madhav Naik,

Shraddhanjali Naik,

Santoshini Naik,

Satyaban Behera,

Manoj Naik,

Step 1 FEEL

1.The school environment is not taken care by students 2.Water drops near washing area 3. There is absence of school in nearby village

We chose School area is not taken care by students because there are many things that we can do in school first . We need to make students aware of small things that will help every one. Our school is an Eco school so working for environment is our first priority.

All the school students, teachers and parents are affected. the main concerns were- 1. garbage thrown anywhere 2.Shoes were not in place of the new students 3. students have no idea of green waste and plastic wastes 4. Students are eating on the floor and making their clothes dirty

Step 2 Imagine

We will make sustainable dustbins and keep everywhere in school. we will make a shoe stand. we will make a compost pit and plastic pit. we will make mat of sack to sit during meal hours.

All the solutions because the things used to make them are available free of cost in the kitchen store and forest nearby.

Step 3DO

1.We collected empty oil tins from mess, cut the upper part, washed and dried to form the dustbin and placed it everywhere in school. 2. The old broken bench and some wood slabs were arranged in order to build a shoe stand 3. There was an old unused tank made in the school long back, we asked permission of the principal to make it a compost and plastic pit. Painted and covered it to form vermi-compost 4. We collected rice sacks from mess and sewed it one by one to form a big mat so that everyone can sit over it during meals

Every one was very happy by our work. Everyone started throwing waste in dustbin All the new students keep their shoes in the shoe stand made by us. Also no one gets their cloth dirty now by sitting on floor. Our students throw plastic in plastic pit and other kitchen wastes in compost pit only. Our compost looks filled with kitchen waste only. Teachers and Parents said that school looks very clean now.


The shoe stand has brought biggest change in cleanliness of the school-Headmaster The compost pit and plastic pit will help to reuse the kitchen waste in kitchen garden and remove the plastic waste-Principal

We are not good carpenters so we made a shoe stand which is strong but not with perfection We fell short of sacks then we borrowed some cement sacks from construction site near the school. It was difficult to get wooden logs, so we asked some villagers if they could provide us some strong woods that we used for compost shed. It was difficult to develop habit of throwing garbage in dustbin and plastic pit in our junior mates but soon with the help of teachers and friends we made it success.

0-7 Days

Good health and well being

An unclean environment does not make anyone happy. We learn in school how cleanliness impacts well being.

Step 4 SHARE

We choose yoga time to convey our message. We made posters and showed to everyone and put it on the walls of the school. Also we told them about our products and asked to use them.

More than 100

We will teach our juniors how to make no cost dustbins and it will be carried in school. Our shoe stand is very strong and it will last few years at least. The compost pit is now taken care by the school authority and mat can be made by anyone easily and one teacher is held in-charge for mess duty who will look after it.