Healthy Food and Healthy us

Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar



Onkar Anand


Narayan Naik,

Munna Naik,

Debaraj Jani,

Step 1 FEEL

Students eat food in the mess which is open from all the places and dogs come from nearby places when food is served to children.

Open mess should be open only for students and not dogs.

Students are affected. the primary concern was that dogs were eating foods from their plate and scaring small kids.

Step 2 Imagine

We thought of changing the place of dinning, but not able to because of lack of space. we thought of covering the dining area and making an entrance gate.

we chose of making boundary in the dining area and a gate because it could be done at no cost with the help of the old materials present in the campus.

Step 3DO

We asked the Principal if we can use the asbestos sheets that are kept in the ground and unused since few years. we then collected the sheets and one by one tied them together with the help of bamboos that we got from the forest nearby. we also made a bamboo gate which has no space for dogs in this way we closed the entry gate of dogs and now students eat comfortably in the dining space of school.

The dining space is clean and hygiene now. Dogs do not enter here and students have their foods comfortably and happily


Dogs don't scare us anymore. We don't share our food with dogs now

The asbestos sheets were very heavy, we took help of all the 7th class students to keep it in place. Bringing bamboos from forest was not an easy task. bamboos are thorny and it required proper care to cut it properly. There was no other problem that we faced.

0-7 Days

Good health and well being

Sometimes the dogs used to eat our foods from our plate, we had no other option but to throw away the food. We felt hungry too. The dogs used to bark if we don't give them food and one of the dog once made a child scare enough to run away from the place. It was getting dangerous too.

Step 4 SHARE

There was nothing like sharing but we took help of our principal, teachers and other workers in school and students to make our project successful. everyone was very happy once the space as closed

More than 100

The boundary wall will now exist for more than 5-10 years and until then new dining space will be constructed.