A Step Towards Horizon





Step 1 Feel

Parents do not give importance to our decisions, thoughts and sometimes ignore us. Parents force their decisions on us. They feel that using mobile phones, social network sites and partying affects our studies.

We students are affected by the parents Annoyance, Mistrust and Misunderstanding. According to us, parents don’t trust us. They don’t want to give us freedom which we like the most.

Step 2 Imagine

We have so many problems but the main problem is that they don’t trust us which creates communication gap and a vaccum in our relation.

1. Expressing ourselves. 2. Counselling of parents We have chosen the first one ie. Expressing our feelings to our parents through different ways like making timetable, taking oath to follow it, Role Play, Mock parliament writing poems etc.; because we feel honest sharing is the best way to understand each other.

Step 3 Do

1. We expressed our feelings, emotions by writing poems. We made a balanced time table and took oath to follow the same. So, studies and hobbies went side by side. We performed Role Play depicting the usual scenario at home. We had Mock parliament session where we discussed and shared our problems. We also considered parents as a major part of our discussion. 2. Now, we have fun time where we enjoy games with our parents. We share the social network sites with our parents and ensure them that it creates healthy relations not the evil thoughts. We feel that somewhere we have succeeded to gain their trust.