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Step 1 FEEL

Lack of cleanliness, water scarcity, unsynchronized women and senior citizens with today's tech.

The problem chosen to work on is to sync our women and senior citizens with today's tech. Because, it has come to our notice that many women and senior citizens aren't tech savvy and they're missing out on its benefits and secondly many youngsters are moving away from their technically challenged parents. So we feel the need to teach them and decided to start by teaching them how to make online payments.

Anyone who isn't tech savvy, mostly senior citizens and women above 45 years of age. Their concern was to digitize themselves which would save a lot of time and energy unlike old ways.


1. Asking youngsters to teach online payments to their parents. 2. Get entries and conduct sessions to teach the needful for free.

We chose to get entries and conduct sessions to teach the needful for free because with this way we were sure we would make a bigger impact than relying on youngsters teaching their own parents and grandparents which in the first place never worked.

Step 3DO

It's a three step process starting with 1. Making sure the DFC team themselves accurately know/learn what they are going to teach. 2. Then comes marketing and getting entries where the team spread the word about the free session they're going to conduct. 3. And finally the d-day where the team taught the participants how to do the following things online :- pay electricity and gas bills, mobile and DTH recharge, payment to the seller, money transfer, wallets, etc.

Participants(senior citizens and women) successfully learnt what they were taught and now they don't have to waste time and energy for paying bills offline and don't have to depend on others to pay bills for them online or offline hence making them independent.


1. "We're very happy and thankful to the kids who did an excellent job teaching us about online payments which hopefully make our lives little easier And I personally am surprised what this young DFC Team who are age of my grandkids can do." 2. "Thank you team for providing this platform and sharing the knowledge with us. And i wish you to continue to do such things in future and I'll always show up to learn new things."

As predicted by the team the challenges were:- Will the participants gasp, understand what's being taught to them as they were old and also issues with English language. But the solution to overcome the challenge was quite simple 1. patience 2. teaching slowly and easily and 3. get extra volunteers so that more attention is given to each participant.

0-7 Days

Quality Education

We relate our topic with this Global goal because it is really important for senior citizens and women and everyone to be updated with the growing use of Online payment and digitalization so to be confident and updated, it is really important to give quality education to everyone.

Step 4 SHARE

Sharing the experience verbally with friends from school, society and to families. Sharing the YouTube video to them and to the people they know, uploading on Social media.

More than 100

The project was itself self-sustainable. Monthly bill payments won't let the participants forget what they learnt. Apart from that, the DFC team have promised to re-teach, clear doubts and queries anytime if required.