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Dharti Patel


Karishma baraiya,

Jayesh tadpada,

Step 1 FEEL

1.There are many people who doesn't know how to write and calculate or read so they suffer many problem in there life. 2.its a small village so there are no milk deiry so people go so far to sell the milk.

Some student don't know read and write or calculate so if they know it in future they have no problem that his parent was feel. And live life easily.

Many student in school suffer by this problem. And they all are want to learn this but because family or some other problem they can't.

Step 2 Imagine

1.To counting leaf or flower. 2.There are black board at temple so they use this board and teach students. 3.In recess time student teach other student by reading some material. 4.In class they count tiles.

All above solution apply because all those solution are good and worked.

Step 3DO

For this problem student started peer to peer teaching by some games like say only even number say raam when there are 5 no. Comes etc and teach at school recces time or after school time they use temple Black board and teach other student by reading some paragraph or give some example or count tiles.

After starting this student can read some word and and count some normal counting and they can write there name or some simple word.

There are around 2 or 3 boys and 5 to 6 girls.but after seeing some student started this activity at there home near place of some student.

They are very happy because by this way they enjoy and learn. So every one exited and learn and learn more and also they teach to other student and that time also they feel very confident.

During this project we have no chock to write so we use stone for write. Our principle see this so he give a some chock and slat for write. In village there are no black board so we use temple Black board.

0-7 Days

Quality Education

In our country there are many illterate people so they suffer many problem and also some people cheat them. In this digital world each and everyone have to get primary education. Because to compare other have knowledge like this.

Step 4 SHARE

Some people see this and student discuss this at home or if some parent child doing such activity they feel proud and every prenant complain. That his child only play games not seriously about there study but after seeing this they feel happy because by this activity student can enjoy and learn. They support all the student.


It's wonderfull experience to teach our classmet. Every day we play game before but when we started teach and play its very happy