Support to farmer

Dadasaheb Adasd Vidyalay





Swati Madavi,

Mahesh Gomase,

Step 1 FEEL

1)Farmers was worried about ball warm in large land on cotton crop. 2) No filter water in school. 3) No sanitation in village

The problem chosen to work that Farmers was worried about ball warm in large land on cotton crop. Because farmer are very poor .

Farmers family are affected by the problem. Their primary concerns was how to save the main crop of cotton.


1) Gave them pesticide 2) Take support from government . 3) Makes some physical for them

We choose to implement and to Makes some physical for them of leaves abstract for forestry leave .

Step 3DO

We thought that in wild forest no insect on pant also some plants are very bitter . We collected 10 types of plants leaves for make abstract . Also aware to farmers to spray on cotton crop.

50 ltr abstract made by children and provide to 13 farmers . Ball warm was in control.


1) Every things are available in Nature you are proved 2) Ten leaves abstract is great

Before use abstract Farmers was not believe on children innovation

7-15 Days

No poverty

Farmer become poor again and again ...

Step 4 SHARE

We communicate with other farmers for using

More than 100

We are also share our concept to our parents ,friends , we will make research on another natural things .