Aga khan Youth and Sports board



Raisha Keshwani


Shanaya Salim virani ,

Saniya Nizar vasaya ,

Zubain Hasan Charaniya,

Mishka Mohmammad Daudani,

Prince nizar vasaya ,

Step 1 FEEL

In the Brainstorming session, we discussed a lot of problems going around. There is wastage of water and food done by people, cutting of trees for industrial purpose, and lack of awareness to grow and plant more trees.

We combined two causes and merged it. If we visit any old age home, we can realize how much senior citizens lack Happiness and positivity and people who spend quality time with them. So decided to visit an old age home in Manor, teach them to plant and grow trees in the most organic manner and we will let them do it and play games, perform skits and spend some quality time with them.

The senior citizens are being provided with all the facilities but we wanted to give them a purpose, we wanted them to not just plant the saplings but also to grow them in trees in the most organic way.


The solutions came up were to go for Vertical gardening, terrace gardening or organic gardening in orphanage or hospital or old age home.

The solution came up to come ahead with Organic Gardening in An old age home in Manor to not just teach them to plant organically but also give them the responsibility to grow them in trees.

Step 3DO

We started with estimation of all the resources which will be required for the process like Saplings, organic fertilizer,etc. We estimated the cost of all and decided to raise funds. To raise funds, we made paper bags out of newspapers and sold to nearby residents and made Healthy snacks like Vada pav/ Sandwich etc and sold it and we also played a skit which contributed to more funds..Once enough funds were collected, we bought the saplings which included fruit, flower plants and medicinal plants anderything and on the main day, we went to the bus with our society residents along with saplings, planting tools, organic ingredients like Banana peel, egg shells etc and when we reached, we took all the senior citizens and taught them to plant and grow and we shall regularly follow up with them.

Senior Citizens we're overwhelmed to see us and it has given them a purpose to look after those 25+ saplings which they'll grow as trees and which gave them so much positivity.

35+ Senior Citizens staying in Beyond 60 Old Age Home, Manor

The incharge/ Co owner of the Old Age Home said "I'm surprised to see these senior citizens so happy when the children spent time with them and these plants has placed an important part of their lives. They count those saplings as their friends and kids". One of the senior citizens mentioned their two favorite saplings and said he will water those regularly and grow them and take a good care of them"

The challenge was few senior citizens couldn't reach till the place where Saplings we're planted so we decided to take them by Wheel chair..Not all the senior citizens we're in position to attend the organic gardening process because few were serious in their beds.

0-7 Days

Life on land

We relate this topic with the this Global goal because Saplings then plants then trees play the most important role on Earth. The more their presence, the more it is Good for our Mother earth.

Step 4 SHARE

By sharing the experience with Friends and Family, nearby residents and Sharing the YouTube video to all of them.

More than 100

The impact that the saplings now have a special place in senior citizens heart. It has given them a purpose, pleasure and positivity.