Be responsible, Save life






Parneet Kaur,

Jaskaran Singh,

Prabhjot Kaur,

Harmandeep Kaur,

Step 1 FEEL

There are a number of problems people facing on regular basis such as drug addiction, pollution, female feticide and sewage problem.

Our school students shocked by unexpected death of child of our school because of open drainage in the village. Therefore they selected to cover the open drainage with iron rods designed cover. So, that in future it will not harm any other life like the Arman.

This incident effected the villagers, Parents, and at large extent to children because open drainage proved fatal because an innocent child lost his life. Their primary concern as it happened because no any single person took attention towards these open drainage.


Our school student feel the problem and they do brain storming in groups after that they do sharing with teacher as we can meet the sarpanch and panchayat and cover the drainage permanent cemented cover but then it was shared it will not work properly as if in future any blockage come the it will be difficult to open these drainage pits. Then teacher and students find to cover them with iron rod designed covers.

Then we selected to cover these drainage areas with iron rod cover because it will be easily carried out away as well as it will be easy to find from where blockage problem caused. Moreover, it will be beneficial to save life in future.

Step 3DO

As students shared the problem and solution. Therefore, all of first we made a plan to execute. We decided to meet the panchayat members and sarpanch and share the problem with them as they know very well. Then we suggested them to take help from NRI to complete the project. We also meet to Arman parents to realize the cause and consequences. But we surprised when our school students and teachers shared all thing then sarpanch and panchayat be ready to work on the project.

As it will prove beneficial for all the society as in future it will prevent the loss of any child life .


1. It is a good initiative taken by Satya Bharti School Students. 2. According to villagers it will prevent the loss of any other Arman life.

As Sapanch and panchayat member said they have not enough money to complete the project . Then we suggested to sarpanch to take help from NRI because they can help easily.

15-30 Days

Life on land

Because life is precious and if proper care not taken then it will cause loss of life .Therefore , we have to take steps to life on earth.

Step 4 SHARE

We shared all the description with the school and community sharing the target and achieved goal as well as we also do sharing with community members and took a feedback. Community members are happy as well as feeling their small children are safe.


As we worked on a permanent solution. We encouraged children and community members to keep an eagle eye if in future any problem occurred then contact us and panchayat immediately. Apart from this our children will also observe the drainage sites frequently.