Shopping Bags Not Shopp(IN)g Plastic Bags






Sri Vardhan,

Alekhya Kosuru,

Anjali Krishna,

Sahdil Popatia,

Tanuja K,

Step 1 FEEL

• Scarcity of water • Water logging • Stray dogs • Too much traffic and jumping signals • Dumping of plastic bags • Foul smell from garbage

We as a team started working towards the usage of plastic bags, as it creates a devastating impact on the environment and also on living beings

The entire society is affected by the problem and our primary concern was that it would affect the environment and their lives.


• Assembly programmes • Organising street plays • Bulletin board displays • Mini movie through social network • Promotion and distribution of cloth bags and pamphlets in market • Organising a rally in the school premises for awareness • Seminar through PPT presentation

From the above listed we have chosen organising a rally, seminar presentation and promotion and distribution of cloth bags and pamphlets in market because it is the most effective way of communicating an issue where majority of the people are present.

Step 3DO

We as a team aimed at promotion and distribution of cloth bags in the market to spread awareness amongst the common people in the community. So we made our initial begin to our drive by collecting old bed sheets to make cloth bags from the entire school. Once the old bed sheets were collected the next task in hand was to get the cloth bags stitched from these old bed sheets. For this we also raised funds through rally and campaigning within the school premises. On the whole we could raise 10,000/- which was a good begin to carry forward the whole process. From the amount raised we got 300 cloth bags stitched and 500 pamphlets printed. We promoted the usage of cloth bags through rally in the market, distributed the pamphlets and cloth bags among the people in the market.

We were happy to know that our motive was appreciated and people agreed to exchange their plastic bags with our cloth bags. We also requested each one to take this drive forward by distributing/ sharing with any 2 people they know and send us an SMS when target achieved.

More than 100

We are very glad that our children have taken up this drive to stop/ ban plastic bags and we would like to support them and start using cloth bags. Mrs. K. Shirisha Parent of Kalvakuthi Achala,

• Finding tailor for stitching within the budget • People in the market questioned about, why doesn’t the Government take the initiation to stop manufacturing plastic bags instead of insisting people to stop their usage. • Vendors in the market argued that they would not get enough business, if plastic bag is not given to carry vegetables. • Some of the people felt it below their dignity to carry these cloth bags and rejected our bags.

15-30 Days

Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production plays an important role to overcome the plastic paradox. Since the plastic bags were invented quite not long ago, there is no practical possibility to check how long actually it takes the degradation process. This situation could be called as the plastic paradox. The business and society cannot behave apathetic anymore! We as students our initial goal was to

Step 4 SHARE

We shared our project with our school and community by organising a rally and a seminar through power point presentation. Most of the responses were positive.

More than 100

We as a team tried to update our display board regularly as reminders for using cloth bags and stop usage of plastic bags. We would like to take up a rally and a campaign " on banning usage of plastic bags" in our surrounding community as part of our sewa program. We also requested each and every customer we met in the vegetable market, to take this drive forward by distributing/sharing a cloth bag with any two people they know and send us an SMS when target achieved.