Wash Without Wet

Government middle school

Tamil Nadu


Yogapriya Vembaiyan








Step 1 FEEL

1.students often fall ill. 2.Getting absent 3.personal hygiene is low 4.Wasting water in the school campus

We preferred a major problem which will be the cause of other above mentioned problems. Students getting ill ( cold and fever ) often.Everyday they are getting wet in the campus while washing their plates after lunch. With that wet dresses they are sitting in the classroom.and get cold. They are wasting more water while washing plates. So we want to find solution for this problem.

Students of our school. They get affected physicaly and their uniforms also spoiled by getting stained.


1. Using some charts while washing plates 2.Elder students wash the plated of younger ones 3.using rice sacs as a waterproof with the help of Velcro tape

We preferred to collect empty rice sacs from the students homes .and cut the corners and stitch Velcro tapes on the corners. We can use it while washing plates. Sacs doesn't absorb water and it is available in all we preferred it.

Step 3DO

1.Ask the students to bring the empty rice sacs from their homes. 2.cut the two corners of the sacs 3. Stitching Velcro tapes on both corners 4. Put this sacs around students body while washing their plates.

The sacs never absorbs students are free from getting wet. We used containers for store water and elder students of our school will pour water slowly while washing plates in order to avoid using open tops. It will reduce the amount of water wasting while washing.


1.It works in both personal and social way. saves students from fall in ill and it helps to save water. 2.In colloquial language people said "with one stone ;two mangoes "

Students size differs so we have yo collect different sizes of sacs First we stick Velcro tapes with glue but it is not that much we again stitched it. ( The biggest challenge we faced from the side of nature.. Yeah..rainy season starts in our state, so schools were declared we were running out of days. And somehow managed to finish it on time ,though we got special deadline for submit our story.. The ICan spirit helped us )

7-15 Days

Responsible consumption and production

We concentrated on saving water too in our story of change. Every drop matters. So we have to consumpt it wisely

Step 4 SHARE

We went to nearby primary school and explained it with the students and teachers. They liked it very much. They said that they too facing this problem they get few sacs from us for their use. We shared it in social medias

More than 100

We will make some more bags like this and will provide it to the nearby anganvadis and primary schools where many kids facing the same issue