Picture Perfect

Mothers Pet kindergarten Wardhaman Nagar



Monica Khurana


Zahra Vali ,

Jayna Motwani,

Abeer Deshpande,

Divit Golechha,

Aarna Agrawal,

Step 1 FEEL

1. The bridge leading to our school which was not a very welcoming sight. 2. Accumulation of plastic bottles at home, in restaurants and in the school canteen.

Combining the two above stated problems, our young crusaders choose to reuse the plastic bottles to beautify the bridge.

The children, parents, staff of our school and auto and van drivers who always felt that our school should have a better path leading to our school. Also the load of bottles which is increasing on our planet earth should be reduced by putting them to good use.


1. Cover the 'Nallah' with bottles caps so that the dirty water is not seen. 2. Remove the water from the 'Nallah' using bucket or bottles. 3.Use cloth, saree to make curtains or use the decoration that we use during Ganesh Festival to cover the bridge. 4.Grow plants on the railings like we have in our garden.

We chose to grow plants and use plastic bottles. So that we could recycle the 'Banned' plastic to the fullest and our entry to school looked more beautiful.

Step 3DO

Entire school contributed the bottles and saplings. The children coloured the bottles and the teachers helped in making the slit in the bottle. Then filling of soil, putting the sapling in the bottle , hanging the bottle on the railing were all teacher guided activities. To hang the bottles high, the children requested the gardeners to help them.

The brightened happy faces of our children, parents and also the drivers were a visual treat. The senior staff was surprised to see the change the tiny tots had brought. The not so appealing path to the Castle (school) was given a magical face lift by the PRINCES AND PRINCESSES themselves!


1. " Not so eco friendly things used in more eco friendly manner." 2. "Liked the brilliant idea of Reusing the Waste."

1. Collection of bottles (sent text and written messages to the entire school , from restaurants, staff, school canteen...) 2. Again the entire school was roped in , children contributed saplings and old newspapers. Children and staff recycled bottles and waste materials to make useful items. They were put on sale to generate more funds which were used to buy more plants from the nursery. 3. Hanging of bottles, after brain storming a lot, we finally decided to make holes and use ropes for the same.

15-30 Days

Sustainable cities and communities

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE is the mantra followed to achieve our goal of beautification of our not so appealing approach to our kindergarten.

Step 4 SHARE

Right at the onset , the news of the face lift spread like fire. We added fuel through Social Media, FM,YouTube and Text messages. Everyone was dumbstruck with the beautiful change, especially since it was brought about in the most eco friendly manner by children who are mere 5 years old. The response was just awesome from Clicks to Smile to Awe, we had it all!!!

More than 100

Planting more creepers, watering it regularly and maintaining the entire stretch so that it will become more greener and richer. The saplings sown today, Into a plant will grow, It will broaden the smiles, with the days to go....