Keep Breathing You Will See The World

Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar



Mahendra Kumawat

Step 1 FEEL

1. Asha workers are busy in Covid-19 door to door check up and because of that, Rural and Tribal village's Pregnant women are not getting timely medicare and necessary medicine like Iron tablets, vaccination etc. 2. Each and every hospital is allowing pregnant women in the hospital only when she will show her latest Covid-19 report. 3. Sometime in emergency Pregnant women are not getting bed on time in hospital and it effect baby and in some case baby dies. 4. Every hospital is full and not safe for having delivery. 5. Many family members are avoiding hospital for delivery and deciding to have delivery at home.

In Rural and Tribal India, villagers are blocking roads so that outsider cannot come in the village or cannot pass by the village. In this situation when an emergency occurs the Ambulance has to pass so many villages and there villagers stop him and ask so many question. In this situation Ambulance driver has to explain to villagers about the reason of going in the village. Covid-19 testing process is lengthy therefore we chosen these both the problem which quoted one common solution to avoid government or other private hospital and have a separate hospital for only pregnant women and infant care at village itself.

1. Pregnant women affected by the problem and her primary concern was to have timely and safe treatment. 2. Family members of Pregnant women got affected and their primary concern was to avoid hospital and having delivery at home.

Step 2 Imagine

1. We can have an MIS management system which will be storing individual pregnant women data in which from first month itself health status of the lady will be available, and the MIS operator will be sending the data to the respective department so that the lady can get all the necessary treatment and medicine at her door step and when she will be coming to the hospital doctor can go through her entire health data using MIS and know her health status. 2. Though Asha workers are busy Covid-19 door to door check up but government can appoint pursuing nursing students who can go in villages and collect individual health status of pregnant women and distribute necessary tablets and vaccination. 3. Government can convert Panchayat officer or any other government building as small hospital in each Panchayat which with 5 beds. It should be only for Pregnant women and infant care.

1. We have chosen all the solution above listed. It is true that everyone of us are getting fear in going to hospital and at present birth delivery at home is risky therefore we need to have a separate hospital for Pregnant women. 2. First month itself there are lots of check up round need to be completed which used to be done by Asha workers or Anganwadi worker but since they are busy in Covid-19 check up we need to hire other temporary staff as nursing students. 3. MIS data will help to keep mother healthy by timely medicare and also the doctor will be getting correct idea of her health status because for doctor the patient will be very new.

Step 3DO

1. Very first we have appoint nursing students who can handle the work of Asha workers and Anganwadi workers. 2. These nursing students were going into the village and collecting health status of the lady with updating her Pregnancy card (MAMTA Card) and giving her necessary tablets. 3. At Panchayat there is a computer operator exist, we can make use of him for updating MIS data for every pregnant lady. 4. Nurses will be reporting to the MIS operator for updating health status of pregnant lady. 5. Government can convert any government building into small hospital only for Pregnant women at Panchayat level with 5 beds. 6. Making villagers aware of the hospital and it's reliability so that people can approach the hospital and avoid birth delivery at home.

If we implement this project then we think that below listed result or Impact can be seen; 1. Pregnant lady will be stress less because in her village itself Hospital is accessible. 2. There will on time delivery available because Ambulance from the near by town will not be needed. 3. There will be very less chance to get Corona virus to Mother or Infant child because it will be only pregnant women hospital. 4. Students of Nursing will be getting very rich experience during this project. 5. Healthy delivery will be happening with no infant death.


Family Members: "Because of 'My Panchayat- My Hospital' we got our child safely." Local Health Ministry: "Infant Mortality rate got reduces and we are not getting any system related complaints."

There can be so many challenges may occur such as; 1. Getting staff for this hospital will be very tough. 2. Co-operation of community, government and other related departments may be very less. 3. People can protest this project. 4. Politics will play a major role for implementing this project. 5. Providing hospital facility by government can be less quality one.


Good health and well being

This project we are doing for reducing infant mortality rate and well being of mother and child, therefore we think that 'Good health and well being' goal align in our story,

Step 4 SHARE

We used social media for sharing our idea of this problem. We have shared this projects to people who are working in different kind of sector like; Students, NGO's, SBI Youth fellows etc. "Your idea of giving service to Motherhood is very nice. Hope it can be practical." - SBI, Youth Fellow.


This project can be continue even after Covid-19 problem, We already know that in remote villages accessibility of hospital is very rare.