Handy Mini Microscope






Parveen Siddapura,

Basavaraj Vanageri,

Asif Chimmalagi,

Siddappa Shivayogi,

Narasimha Dalawayi,

Step 1 FEEL

Now a days spreading and sharing of knowledge is very important and the main source is from TEACHERS. The syllabus and content of learning is more and more as the years months days passes,so that to share the knowledge for all students is very tough job and some topics are very hard to express and to teach every child to understand the exact concept. The topics which teachers cant express to all childrens in one shot that is animal & plant Cells.

To show plant and animal cells through microscope is time consuming,disturbance of students,standing in Que etc in every school teachers are facing this problem.

In Every Schools Teachers and Students. To save the time we have an great idea of Handy Mini Microscope to better understanding more then 50 students at a time & to avoid carrying Microscope with safety precaution and so on.


One of the student while standing in que starting thinking about this problem,he thought about many ideas discussing with there classmates to avoid such problems facing in every school by low cost model so that every one can afford it.

They saw a projector in one of the function and later they discussed why we cant make that projector idea for microscope.they found out the difference in microscope And projector Later they discussed there is not much more difference in it. In Projector lens and light reflector are used, by taking and thinking about that idea they planned about it.

Step 3DO

Students and teachers started to make a handy mini microscope. It’s a low cost model just in 500 rs we can make it.

Students and teachers were happy after the project done and explained about the microscope to every staff in there schools.


It is good idea and more impacted to teacher to avoid there wasting time and utilize the time in other topics to. Its very usefully to learn every students at a time with clear explanation.

Making of model by foam sheets and cutting the sheet with accurate measurements and To fix Eye piece and torch exactly.

0-7 Days

Quality Education

To avoid waste of timing and to learn the topic clearly to all students

Step 4 SHARE

After making of model we shared along with all schools and teachers & helped them in making the model.students learn using this model without disturbance or waiting in Que. Its is very useful. We shared about his idea even in teacher training programs and kept of exhibition.It was Good person from teachers and students.They are plan for further implemenation

More than 100

It Sustain while in Teachers Training Program and all teacher took the idea from us to implement the project in there particular schools.