Save Water Save Earth.

ஊராட்சி ஒன்றிய நடுநிலைப்பள்ளி .நார்தாங்குடி.வலங்கைமான்.திருவாருர்

Tamil Nadu


C.Sundaramurthy (science) PUMS.Narthangudi.


S.Doss ,





Step 1 FEEL

1.Wasting more water to grow saplings. 2. Most seeds are destroyed under the tree. 3. Many students push the water near the window and the iron bars are rusty.

More water poured on small trees. Things do not germinate and sprout. The window and the iron bars are rusty.

Environmental impacts, water deficiencies, classroom environmental impacts.

Step 2 Imagine

More than half of the saplings for five saplings can be grown in a plastic bottle and half the amount of water can be grown. This can prevent the water from wasting. Collect seeds and raise the seedlings and raise the home for students. Hand Washing in the Classroom

We will implement three of the above solutions.

Step 3DO

To prevent five wali water from wasting, first we took a plastic bottle and let the water flow to five sapphires. Once the water is poured, it will absorb. Then we put seeds in the paper mugs used in the school, along with the seeds. We had two hundred saplings for the students and enjoyed the greenery. The school students are pouring water to wash their hands while eating food. This is because the door wires are rusty and the classroom is contaminated. We have arranged a plastic bottle to avoid this.

Thus, window security and classroom cleaners were used to use the water for the trees . Giving all the compliments is a delight.

above 400 peoples.

Students and teachers ,parents to say very good . village people to say my son to take care sapling.

Initially we were afraid to start doing and then we began to consult each other.

15-30 Days

Sustainable cities and communities

Each students have grown saplings in our green environment ,pure air,good healthy many people.

Step 4 SHARE

The seeds that fell from the tree are growing in every house by the efforts of the students. We have shared the clean air of the neem tree with the help of medicines, people and parents. We are happy to get rid of the benefits.

More than 100

We have to try to create a good environment. The biggest achievement of growing a saplings for home is that we have created a natural environment.