Clean Classroom














Step 1 FEEL

1.Pollution Problem 2.Water Wastage 3.Health and Hygiene 4.Classroom Cleanliness

We have chosen the problem of classroom cleaning.Because ,we are facing this problem regularly, and school didi is doing hard work to clean our classrooms ,but students are not aware to keep their classrooms clean.

All students of our school,teachers and school didi is affected by the problem.Even in all schools ,we think that this problem is related to cleanliness and discipline.Their primary concern is cleanliness and discipline to keep a healthy life.

Step 2 Imagine

1.We can aware students not to throw pencil waste here and there. 2.We can put dustbin everywhere in school and classrooms. 3.We can ask students to buy ready made closed sharpener. 4.We can ask students to buy non sharpening pencils as pens. 5.We can make and fix any box sharpener in all classrooms for all students to use.

We have chosen the last solution ,to make a box sharpener and fix it in classrooms,because ,in our school ,many of the students are from poor families and school is providing free books,notebooks,dresses ,pencils and all stuff to the students.So they can not afford the different sharpener and we can not collect pencil waste in one place.We can aware students towards discipline and cleanliness .

Step 3DO

We discussed with all students and get together for solution.We have made a small box sharpener from waste material for one classroom first. We shared a demo with all students to use the box sharpener . After the success of this process, we made for all classrooms and started using for all classrooms.

All students started using this box sharpener to sharpen the pencils.Now students are more happy to use this box sharpener.Now classrooms are clean.They are free from pencil waste.School didi is also happy to see this process. Teachers and students are also happy to see the clean classrooms.Now students are more sensible and in discipline for cleanliness.


1."Now I am happy to see that, students do not throw this pencil waste anywhere.Now I do not face problem to clean this small pencil waste from classrooms and corners,because it was more difficult to clean this small waste from everywhere ."Rekha, School DiDi. 2."Our classrooms are now clean."Kartik,A 4th class student. 3." I am very happy to see the clean classroom." Madhulika,Teacher.

When we started our project , we have encounter with some challenges. We had challenge to decide the right place for this box sharpener .Material collection for this project.Quantity of the boxes .We thought that we should hang this, keep this on table or fix this in classrooms.Some students were laughing on our project,they treat it as a toys.They tried to break it.They put some other objects as stone,paper it. We have used all waste materials to prepare this box sharpener.We discussed with students and teachers and fix it in a corner in the classroom.We have prepared these boxes for every classrooms.We have sensitized the students with the help of teachers during assembly and classrooms.Now we are very happy to see, that all students care for this box sharpener.

7-15 Days

Quality Education

We think that, our solution is linked with school life , but it has a broad meaning also, it is a part of cleanliness and good habit also. All these are a part of quality education.Quality education includes discipline,healthy living with good habits .We resolve a problem, and thinking process and problem solving skill is a necessary part of quality education.

Step 4 SHARE

We have shared this project with all students of our school,teachers and school staff.We showed them a demo and our teachers shared photos and videos with other schools also.We shared this project with our 21 Satya Bharti Schools in Haryana State,and we are planing to share this project with other govt.and private schools in our surroundings. Every one gave positive response for our project and said this is a good practice for classroom cleaning.


We will use this project in our school regularly.If the boxes will be broken ,than we will repair it and if needed we will make a new one. We will share this project to other govt.and private schools in our surroundings.We will take care of our project and sensitize the all students regularly to use it.We will appoint a cleanliness monitor for this process also.