Women education in rural area

Satya bharti school bhilowal kachcha



Harpreet Singh


Sukhmandeep kaur,

Harkomal singh,

Harpreet kaur,

Sameer singh,

Taro kaur,

Simranjit kaur,

Bhag singh,

Gursimrandeep singh,

Kawaljit kaur,

Veerpal kaur,

Step 1 FEEL

Dowry system ,Domestic violence ,Drugs and Illiteracy are big challenges in our surrounding .

We chose the problem of teaching illiterate women's. The girls of the school thought that when their mother come to school ,they cannot signature ,except when they go to the bank and go somewhere, so that we feel ashamed.

The women's of the village around us were affected by the problem.There was no school in the neighborhood.Apart from this,their parents did not permit them go to school.

Step 2 Imagine

We have several solution's lists for them .Example-- *Ask the Sarpanch for hire a teacher for them. *Going to their house to teach them. *Call them come to school for study. *Find an institution that can teach them.

At last we thought students will teach them at their homes in the evening and sometimes, we call them to teach with the help of our teachers for use of different types of activities at their homes.Students use meri Aawaj punjabi phonics book activities at home , because this was easy way to teach them and no any objection from their family members

Step 3DO

First of all, the group will be formed in the school and then how will women be assembled for study ,organised campaigns ,home visits door to door realized the women's that they should be learn for their better life.By this they can help to their children in study at home.

*Initially 5-10 women were with us who were read .then they motivated to others in their surrounding. *10-20 women's will able to Signature, and 5-10 women's able read and write mother language .


All impacted people praised the students thinking.All people bless the students and they asked to student women education project was very strong step to change the society, educate women's will change the word and reduce poverty.

Many challenges face the students,like-- * Time management problem for students and parents. * Lack self confidence in women's. *Not aware about education importance.etc Students were teach them at their homes in the evening .We are realized they should be learn for their better life and increased self confidence.


Quality Education

We choose the problem of teaching illiterate women because education is the one of the most effective way to reduce poverty,Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all,Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.The girls of the school thought that when their mother's come to school ,they cannot signature so we feel ashamed.Many reasons why think about it.

Step 4 SHARE

5 Class student's were share project with school in morning assembly and during the Bal sabha activity.Share with community in P.T.M. and door to door campaign.All students and staff response was so good .They are very excited and ready to participate in this project activities. Community response also so good.They were ready to any support the students for this project .


Make student's group and assigned the duties for students.These groups are take weekly test and teach rural areas women's 2-3 days in week.